descriptive essayThis article is here to give you a good advice on how to write an argumentative essay. We made a thorough overview of the most reliable sources of information and consulted with our professional writers. Based on these investigations, we provide you will the complete list of requirements for writing an argumentative essay.

1. Writing Argumentative Essays. Prewriting

An argumentative essay is helpful when you have an issue with which your readers may agree or disagree.

General guidelines:

  • find a debatable argumentative essay topic. If you don’t have one, make some researches, listen to the radio, watch news, or read newspapers;
  • make sure that you can come up with reliable and persuasive facts;
  • try free writing, brainstorming, and other techniques to produce a successful essay paper;
  • consider opposing views, and make a thorough research.

Our tips on essay writing:

  • Don’t pick topics for argumentative essay that don’t have a definite answer, or is a philosophical issue. “To be or not to be” is not the best idea for custom argumentative essay writing; Hamlet is no longer alive, and you won’t be able to ask him for help. Also, try to avoid clichés. Your teacher has probably read billions of essay papers about abortion, Saddam Hussein, and Pamela Anderson. It’s important to choose proper argumentative essay topics.

2. Writing Argumentative Essays. Stating a Proposition


An argumentative proposition is a claim that is open to debate.

General guidelines:

  • Your introduction writing for an argumentative essay has to include:
  • an argumentative proposition (stated in one sentence; not a matter of opinion, or a general truth);
  • supporting statements (usually three; find the strongest ones)
  • conclusion (to show that you gave your point of view and a good support, and by doing so provided your readers with the outline of the argumentative essay).

Our tips on essay writing:

  • The primary goal of custom argumentative essays is to bring up an important arguable issue that is everybody’s concern. Don’t behave like a politician who thinks that no matter what he talks about, everyone must believe him. Try to convince, not forgetting about your opposition. Be polite, but persuasive.

3. Writing Argumentative Essays. Considering Pros and Cons


Except your point of view, there is always another one. If there is no disagreement, than you have chosen a wrong thesis.

General guidelines:

  • When preparing for writing argumentative essays custom, you probably talked to other people to gather different opinions. Now you need to state important questions that will help you understand your opponents:
  • What is their main argument?
  • What are their proofs?
  • Is there evidence that brings up weak sides of their claims?
  • What are my weak points, and how the opposition can refute them?
  • By answering these questions, you will be able to write polite, but strong paragraphs that will not only demolish your opponent’s arguments, but strengthen your own point of view.

Our tips on essay writing:

  • This refutation may be as well placed last, just before your conclusion, or even interspersed at effective locations throughout the essay. You choose the best place for it.

4. Writing Argumentative Essays. Argumentative Appeals

According to Aristotle, a person who wants to convince another may appeal to that person’s reason, ethics, or emotion.

General guidelines:

  • A skillful essay writer has to know how to mix these three ingredients properly to come up with good argumentative essay writing.
  • Reason. Informal reasoning requires clearly linking your general claims with concrete data. When our thinking begins with specifics and moves toward a generalization, we are moving inductively. Reasoning that moves in the opposite direction (from general to specific) is called deductive reasoning. Using reasoning is a good way to organize you thoughts.
  • Ethics. Your reasoning can be persuasively killing, but people tend to believe those who show life wisdom, and other valuable human qualities. Consider appealing to people’s senses.
  • Emotion. While an argument founded mostly on feelings and emotions may be superficial and biased, an argument that is carefully reasoned and honestly presented probably won’t be hurt by a bit of pathos.

Our tips on essay writing:

  • When appealing to ethics, avoid sharing your wisdom by saying, “From the beginning of days, we…” Nobody knows for sure what happened in the very beginning of life on Earth, and there are clichés that you have to avoid because everybody uses them.
  • Even though Greek philosophers spent centuries working on treatises on logic, people still trust their “intuition”. Talk to their hearts, and your argumentative essay will be a success.

5. Writing Argumentative Essays. Writing a Conclusion


This part pulls your whole argument together by showing how the evidence you have presented provides sufficient grounds for accepting your conclusion.
General guidelines:

  • A conclusion can work on, or against you. In order to write a good argumentative essay, try to end up with:
  • an amplification (ringing conclusion);
  • a review of your main points;
  • a reference to something in your introduction;
  • a plea for action.

Our tips on essays writing:

  • Don’t summarize. Synthesize.

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