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What part of a research paper attracts your attention most of all? What do you prefer to read first?

Ibet, in most cases the answer is a research paper body. Every reader believes he will find the answers to all his questions concerning the subject studied in the research paper main part. Try to remember your personal huntings for the necessary information just in the body of someone's paper, without even looking at other parts of someone's work.
Do you now understand the value of a research paper body?

A research paper body tends to be one of the most important part in your work. Only assiduous writing will result in a well arranged research paper body, as well as the whole work.

For your investigation to be as effective as possible we present some research paper guidelines:

  • write down the major points of the information interpreted on separate cards
  • make precise notes
  • make an outline of your work, it should consist of several subtopics
  • place your notes in the way they will appear in your research paper
  • use your outline as a guide for the sources at your disposal
  • write the first paragraph about the first subtopic in your outline, the second paragraph about the second subtopic, and so on
  • introduce each subtopic in the first sentence of each paragraph
  • enlarge upon each subtopic in every paragraph and prove your thesis statements, this will be the body of each paragraph
  • use different tables, quotes, statistics as evidence of what you are writing about
  • cite all the information you refer to
  • proofread the material you've got

Remember that research paper body is an integral part of the whole work, and it is to be connected logically with all other units.
Research paper is not the most difficult academic assignment; and still, it does take a lot of time!
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  • Egbede samuel oluwagbenga

    Egbede samuel oluwagbenga

    January 29, 2014 6:10 am

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    Tom Ferguson

    March 14, 2012 2:09 am

    Thanks for great info on a research paper body! It was indeed REALLY helpful to me. Have a nice day!
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    Brittney Peterson

    February 24, 2012 5:58 am

    Your article on writing a research paper body makes me feel comfortable while writing my own paper. Thanks for your guidelines on writing!
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