Although they say there is a lack of nurses in the United States and there is a great demand for good specialists, it is not that easy to enter a nursing school.

It seems like nursing schools are looking for outstanding students, who have made a firm decision to become a nurse and who will contribute to the community of the school and the field in general.

This is what you need to show in your “Why Do I Want to Be a Nurse” essay. By the way, some students do not actually have a sensible answer to this question. If you are one of them, you might not want to waste time on your “Why I Want to Be a Nurse” essay and apply to another school.

Yet, if your intentions are firm, let us help you cope with “Why Do You Want to Be a Nurse” essays.

Essays on “Why I Want to Be a Nurse”: where to begin

It is a good idea to find several examples of “Why Do You Want to Be a Nurse” essays first. You will see that many students do not try to be creative, and the same boring stories can be found in numerous essays. This does not sound impressive at all.

So, look through examples and try to make your essay on “Why I Want to Become a Nurse” different, make it stand out from the crowd.

Essays on “Why I Want to Be a Nurse”: choosing a focus

It is a common practice for students to focus on a story that deals with nursing. You can choose the same strategy when writing your “Why I Want to Be a Nurse” essay.

Yet, make sure that the story focuses on you, instead of other nurses or patients. Describe your personal experience, tell about all the lessons you have learnt, and explain how it helped you come up with a decision to become a nurse.

Do not forget about proofreading the essay to make it polished and complete. Good luck with your nursing application essays.

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  • Kazi Posted: February 23, 2012 in 9:11 am

    Good ideas for my “Why Do I Want to Be a Nurse” essay! If you don’t mind, I’ll use some in my essay.

  • Frank O. Posted: March 6, 2012 in 7:29 am

    Thanks so much for info on writing essays on “Why Do I Want to Be a Nurse”! This is a great help! Again thanks for making it!