Before becoming an academic discipline, report writing was (and still is) an essential part of an everyday practice, whether it was connected with finances, police offices, or medicine. The last one plays an essential part in the report writing evolution, for medicine is one of the oldest activities performed by people.
Medicine was practiced from the beginning of times, first unconsciously, and then with more responsibility. Medical reports were part of that responsibility. At firs, herbs were used to cure people, but as medical science opened new horizons, prominent medical doctors started reporting on important findings concerning the medical progress.
The English doctor and scientist of the XVII century, William Harvey, was the first one to report on the properties of blood being pumped around the body by the heart. His finding was a breakthrough in the world of medicine, and was followed by even more shocking and innovative reports from René Descartes, Rudolf Virchow, and Claude Bernard.
The more recent findings like evidence-based medicine, genomics, and pharmacology require even more report writing skills from the people that committed their life to medical studies. That’s why a lot of qualified medical doctors urge interns to look for topics to write reports all the time.
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