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When it comes to classifying essays, it can take years just to read all the definitions of every single type of essay. Notes for Dummies know that there is only one distinctive feature in every essay paper that makes it stand out. The structure of essay writing, however, is the same. To make the process of understanding these differences easier, check out brief descriptions of each of the essay types.

The essay to open our little “vocabulary” is an analytical essay. This is the type of essay you complete when a detailed and full examination of its topic is required. As a writer, you need to reveal the message of the object that you research. Once it is discovered, bring its hidden points to the audience. If you decide to prompt readers to accept your point of view, you will end up with the evaluation type of essay, which also falls under the category of analytical papers.

Next comes an argumentative essay. It can also be called persuasive. The main point of this type of essay is an arguable issue, which cannot be treated definitely. So, you are to decide which side you are on and defend your position, answering the main arguments of the opponents.

A cause and effect essay is the type of academic paper where you need to reveal connections and logical chains. You can either write about a cause and its effect, or about an effect and causes of it. Whatever position you prefer, remember to analyze the situation.

Looking for similarities and differences in two or more objects that are somewhat connected is the task of a compare and contrast essay. Looking for several objects of one kind is what the classification type of essays does. Here you organize things into several categories and find the common grounds for organization.

A critical essay is a paper to analyze literary pieces. It is very close to a review.

Deductive essays show your skills in drawing conclusions from the amount of available information, while definition essays examine one object in order to define it.

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