toulmin argument essay“What does a teacher mean by a Toulmin paper? Probably, he/she wants us to write a Tolkien paper, discuss The Lord of the Ring. I have no idea what Toulmin essays should be about!” Is this what you are thinking about at the moment?
No, your teacher does not confuse anything, and he/she wants you to write a Toulmin essay or, to be specific, a Toulmin argument essay. If you have no idea how to get this task done, do not worry. Just find out who Stephen Toulmin is and the rest we will explain in this article.
The gist of Toulmin argument essays
So, you are not going to deal with some literary author and his work. Stephen Toulmin is a British philosopher who offered a model of argumentation. In a few words, this model is aimed at seeking for the most realistic arguments that can back up some claim. Your main mission when writing the Toulmin argument essay is not to “win the battle”, but to come to the truth as close as possible.
How to get Toulmin argument essays done
There is nothing special or complicated about writing Toulmin argument essays. All you should know is what Toulmin’s model of argumentation is based on or what elements it includes:

  • Claim – what you state (a thesis);
  • Data – evidences and facts that you will use to back up your claim;
  • Warrants – explanations of your evidences;
  • Backing – additional statements that support warrants;
  • Counterclaim – counterarguments;
  • Rebuttal – evidences that disagree with counterarguments.

So, what you see above is actually a plan for writing your Toulmin argument essay. Just collect all the necessary info, arguments, counterarguments, and get down to writing. Visit our blog next time if you need help with an evaluative essay.

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