Imagine that one day, a kind of global elections will be held, and everybody will choose you as a global leader who can control the world. Now, you can do what you want, adopt any laws you want, and make any changes that you believe are necessary.

So, what would you do and what would you change? These are the main questions you have to answer in your essay “If I Can Change the World”. At a glance, your task does not seem complicated. Peace, prosperity, equality, and many other good things will perfectly fit “If I Can Change the World” essays.

However, will it actually make your “If I Can Change the World” essay exciting? Will it help you single out? Definitely not! We suggest you try our tips for writing captivating “If I Can Change the World” essays.

Before you get down to writing your “If I Can Change the World” essay

Think for a while about problems that you find the most acute and disturbing. Take a piece of paper and jot down everything that comes to your mind.

It is not necessary to focus only on some global issues like world hunger, poverty, or AIDS. It is your “If I Can Change the World” essay and you may talk about anything that you think needs changes, starting from noisy neighbors and nasty siblings to hamburgers growing on trees. In other words, the content of your “If I Can Change the World” essay depends totally on your creativity.

How to make your “If I Can Change the World” essay really fascinating

Answering the following questions can help you come up with some unusual ideas for “If I Can Change the World” essays:

  • Would you delegate some duties and powers to your friends?
  • Would you like some historical figures to help you?
  • Would you change climate, names of some countries?
  • Would you make necessary changes and refuse from your power?

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