Cause and effect essays may seem like an enormous field to work with. And you realize that this statement holds a lot of truth as soon as you start your search for the right topic.

Sometimes – an idea is all it takes to get you going. Don’t get too stressed about it, because we are willing to help you out:

25 great topic ideas for your cause and effect essay

1. What causes rainbow, and what are the usual effects of it?

2. Why are planes usually delayed, and what are the possible consequences? You can talk about financial consequences of delayed flights. You can also talk about the benefits of delayed flights: think about all those saved lives because hundreds of flights get delayed during awful weather conditions, etc.

3. Explore causes and effects of terrorist acts. Remember that motives for terrorism are not always religious, as may seem in a lot of cases (American colonists were also called terrorists by Great Britain at some point).

4. Why do people sometimes change their image, and what may be the consequences for such drastic changes?

5. Write a cause and effect essay about forest fires.

6. Why are kids sometimes grounded by parents, and what are the effects?

7. What were the origins of Olympic games and how that changed throughout the history: what might have caused those changes in perception?

8. Talk about Inquisition.

9. Why did corsets appear, and what was their impact on fashion and perception of female beauty?

10. Why people marry and what follows marriage?

11. Think about plastic surgeries: effects of plastic surgeries. You can concentrate either on the physical consequences or talk more about the change in beauty standards, caused by thousands of plastic surgeries performed every year.

Still haven’t found something right for you?

Well, here are more cause and effect essay topic ideas

12. Volcano eruptions can be a good cause and effect essay topic.

13. Why do people sometimes move to different countries, and how it changes their lives?

14. Talk about the smoking ban.

15. Fast food restaurants: why did they appear, and how do they shape our lives?

16. Write about the rapid computerization of the world.

17. What are the causes and effects of us polluting the seas and ocean?

18. The “36-24-36 (90-60-90)” Rule: where did these beauty standards came from, and how can they become a problem for regular women?

19. Traffic jams – any ideas?

20. Sexual revolution – changed everyone’s lives: great topic for discussion.

21. Obesity is a serious problem and there’s a lot to address.

22. Why the European Union was formed, and what has changed with its appearance on the political map of the world?

23. What were the historical causes for Renaissance? What was its impact on culture?

24. Telecommuting – causes and effects.

25. Talk about causes of hunger (in separate countries, or in general), and its effects.

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