essays on a shoppingThese days, shopping mall is a significant part of the lives of many people. Shopping malls can provide you with everything that your heart may desire from the most necessary things to all kinds of entertainment. Every weekend you can see hundreds of American families spending their time in huge shiny shopping malls.
Still, shopping malls can be called a rather controversial issue. There are many other people who are not so excited about this invention. This is why some students prefer writing opinion essays on a shopping mall. You can also follow their example and write a bit informal essay about shopping mall expressing your opinion on the issue.
What can you tell about in such essays on a shopping mall?

  • It is necessary to give your general attitude towards shopping malls and shopping itself.
  • If you want to introduce a negative opinion in your essay on a shopping mall, tell about some particular aspects that irritate you.
  • The same with your positive attitude. In your essay on a shopping mall you have to explain why you consider shopping malls to be “the highest achievement” of our civilization.

However, if your attitude neither negative nor positive, you can write a descriptive essay on a shopping mall. Probably, this is the best option for those who do not want to give any arguments. So, in your descriptive essay on a shopping mall you can describe:

  1. The outer look of shopping malls.
  2. The inside interior.
  3. Kinds of small shops and departments in a mall; kinds of entertainment.

In your essay on a shopping mall you can even describe people who visit it. Try to describe not only their appearance, but some possible personal qualities as well.
Thus, you have to define the purpose of your essay on a shopping mall and choose the appropriate type.
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