Book review essay is often assigned at literature classes. This is a presentation of this or that book you have read. The way you present the book will influence the reader’s assumption of it. Note that the person engaged in reading your book review essay most likely doesn’t have any idea of the book. So, do your best to make the reader pick up the book and read it for himself/herself.
Our first advice is to write your personal reader’s review. This paper will contain the most important facts about the essay writer, his/her writing style and some significant information about the very book: the main characters, the development of the plot, the problems analyzed and conclusions the author has reached. This review will also contain your personal evaluation of the book.
The reader’s review discussed above will serve as the basis for your book review essay. The only thing left is to arrange the information at your disposal according to the rules of essay writing.
We are sure that you are aware of the essay structure. Any essay, and book review essay, in particular, is composed of the following parts: essay introduction, main body and conclusion. So, adjust your book review essay to this structure.
The style of book review essays is formal; though you are allowed to sound a bit personal to help the reader understand your point. Still, remember, that any idea and finding of yours should be proved by some argument. The latter may be a quotation from the book or someone’s authoritative opinion on the problem. Note that if you apply to some outside resources you should reference them in your book review essay.
We advice you consult your professor about his requirements to book review essay. He or she may not only give you the needed instructions, but can also provide you with some unique information about the book.
Good luck with your book review essays writing!
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