Exam Results If you’ve already passed at least a few exams in your life, you probably noticed that exam results are often unpredictable. Sometimes you may barely get a ‘C’ grade after cramming all night long. On another day, you may get a ‘B’ or even an ‘A’ in a course you thought you were going to fail.

You are right. Your actual knowledge is only one of the factors affecting your scores. Here are 15 more little-known but important things that have strong impact too.

1. The Way You’ve Spent the Previous Night

The rule of thumb is to avoid any crazy extremes. It means no allnighters – neither studying nor partying. Go to bed at a reasonable hour, as your brain needs good sleep to refresh and keep the information in your head in order.

2. Temperature in the Room

Though you usually can’t control this one, be sure you check the weather forecast to be prepared. Such a trifle as sweat on your forehead or goose bumps on your skin can be really distracting. Wear something appropriate for the weather.

3. Comfortable Clothes

Your clothes can be great as camouflage of your cribs. Additional pockets and long sleeves are your best friends then. However, if you aren’t going to use any illegal strategies, the only goal of your clothes is to keep you warm and comfortable.

4. Mood

No matter whether it’s a multiple choice test or an essay, your mood can boost your exam results. Do several sit-ups and stretches to help you concentrate. And be sure to get some pleasant plans for the evening to reward yourself after the ordeal you’ve been through.

5. Peace of Mind

Avoid breaking your heart and thinking of the sense of life the night before exam. If something unpleasant is likely to happen, imagine pressing the ‘ask me later’ button and get back to it after your exam is already over.

6. Your Belief in Horoscopes

Horoscopes work only for those who believe in them. That’s why you should be selective – try to choose only the most optimistic predictions or try to see everything in positive light.

7. Health

Even a running nose or cough can distract you from exam. Improve your exam results – take good care of your physical wellbeing, sleep and eat well.

8. Energy Level

Your energy level is important for getting a better score. Drink clear water, sleep well and listen to some energizing music.

9. Your Morning Menu

Don’t forget to include some energizing foods in your menu – fruits, vegetables and nuts. Citrus and blueberries are on the top of the list of brain-boosting meals. On the other hand, junk food can decrease your chances for good exam results.

10. Your Physical Activity

Even if you have no time for a full yoga workout, only a few stretches or bends can help you improve blood circulation. It will inevitably improve your memory, concentration and exam results.

11. Your Relations with Students in the Group

The psychological microclimate within the group won’t miraculously make you know all the answers. However, friendly support will comfort you and help you perform better.

12. Your Parents’ Support

One of the recent studies says that parents, not schools boost exam success. That’s why calling your Mom can be a good idea.

13. The Color of Teacher’s Clothes

Sure, you can’t influence your teachers’ preference in any way. Still, the colors around you can either comfort or agitate you.

14. Weather

Not under your control, but definitely an influential factor. By the way, it’s a perfect excuse for those cases when your performance leaves much to be desired.

15. Oil Prices

Quite unexpected, right? However, oil prices have effect on everything. Your exam results can’t be an exception to that rule.

Good luck with your exams! May all the factors be to your advantage.

Comments (2)

  • mj monaghan Posted: January 12, 2014 in 3:11 pm

    Jack, very interesting post. I was a student a LONG time ago. And this is a great list. I agree with you 100% on your list. I tried to do most of those things, except – I usually didn’t get a good night’s sleep (I was staying up all night to study), I didn’t know the teacher’s clothing color influenced attitude, and most importantly … I should have thought about oil prices!!

    • Jack Milgram Posted: January 12, 2014 in 11:54 pm

      Hi dear,
      thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it=) And yes, I believe that oil prices influence nearly everything.