Essay Help: Writing an Introduction

I bet you are so tired of “the most common advice” on writing an introduction that sounds like this: start from something interesting to catch attention of the readers. Okay, Notes for Dummies destroy stereotypes. Here’s our hot and new advice on essay introduction writing: start from whatever you want and write in whatever manner you prefer. Get a C, and then come back to us to continue your acquaintance with tips on writing an introduction.

It’s not like your variant of essay introduction writing is programmed to be a failure. It’s just that there are certain rules you should know that will help you develop your own style of writing an introduction successfully.

First of all, don’t start with a thesis statement. This is especially important for essay papers on complicated issues, where readers have to get into the point at first. Make your thesis statement the third or fourth sentence – this is considered as a perfect spot.

Write in a clear manner. After all, this is your beginning, and the success of an overall impression depends on it greatly. It is not a good idea to start with fancy words, the meaning of which you cannot even explain properly. The readers will feel it right away. Also, do not try to quote encyclopedias. Save them for facts and supporting details.

If it is not an analytical essay, start with a joke, anecdote, or some weird but interesting information that refers to your topic and opens it from a new angle. Do not try to look like a smarty starting essay introduction writing with a “It is commonly known that” phrase. Be creative.

But by being creative Notes for Dummies also mean being specific. We are aware of the fact that students are the masters of writing a page of an essay paper without saying anything to the point. But unless this skill becomes an Olympic discipline, there is no need to develop it, so better stick to general rules.

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