essay cover sheetsWell, the most difficult part of the task is over, and now you have to make your essay cover sheet. Here comes another challenge: how should essay cover sheets look like? At a glance, the task seems as easy as pie. Still, there are precise requirements for essay cover sheets, and you should meet them.
Unfortunately, we do not know what program you are applying to. Still, we can give you useful recommendations. So, consider our tips, and you are sure to make a brilliant cover sheet for your essay.

  1. Read the main requirements for essay cover sheets carefully
  2. As it has already been mentioned above, your paper should correspond to all the requirements set by the program you are applying to. So, visit their official website to find information about:

    • Margins;
    • Title;
    • Pagination;
    • Header;
    • How you should present your name, your class name, etc.
  3. Examine an example of an essay cover sheet carefully
  4. Usually, there are samples of an essay cover sheet on the official sites of some programs and academic institutions. Make sure that the samples of an essay cover sheet you are going to use are not outdated. Otherwise, you will format your paper incorrectly. So, pay attention to the spacing used in the examples of an essay cover sheet, margins, and page numbers.

  5. Check your essay cover sheet several times
  6. Format mistakes are definitely not welcome. They can result in a low grade. That is why before you submit the final version of your paper you need to make sure that your essay cover sheet is perfect.

Remember, the essay cover sheet is the face of your paper! So, pay special attention to it!
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  • Teddy Johanson Posted: February 23, 2012 in 11:40 pm

    Now I see that an essay cover sheet requires special attention. As the face of the essay, it may gain confidence of my professors. Thanks for the post, now I’ll be more attentive to an essay cover sheet!

  • Kevin Wooten Posted: March 6, 2012 in 3:21 am

    Thank you guys! Very helpful article on essay cover sheet! BTW, you have a great blog, always turn to it when don’t know how to write my papers.