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Essay Help: Reference Styles

Do you know when students mostly get caught on cheating? Problems start when it comes to checking reference styles. Tutors and professors are folks who know what to look at to establish the authenticity of an essay paper. And looking at the citation style is one of their most beloved techniques. This is why before writing an essay, check out the style your college or university acknowledges. Consult your tutor, look in manuals or, if there is a special writing style practiced specifically in your university, ask for details.

There are five of the most popular reference styles. They were all designed in accordance with the requirements and researches of certain subjects. These writing styles are APA, Harvard, MLA, Turabian, and Chicago.

APA is the writing style developed by the American Psychological Association. The most obvious spot where you can see it is publications in specialized journals. Social and behavioral sciences are the fields of study that use this specific writing style. So, if you are specializing on psychological researches, APA is most probably going to be the style you will be required to use.

Harvard writing style can be adjusted to the demands of your college or university. It doesn’t have a set of specific rules and is known as the most popular and universal reference style. Its main goal is to show the readers the scope of research conducted by the writer.

Modern Language Association is what MLA abbreviation means. Apart from colleges and universities, this writing style is widely accepted in most magazines and journals. Liberal arts, literature, and humanity studies are the fields where MLA is highly preferable.

Turabian is the style of political sciences and history courses, and is used in formatting bibliographies, term papers and dissertation writing. This writing style was designed not for the goal of publishing, but for the formatting of papers written for class.

Finally, Chicago is the beloved style of the publishing industry, and is also called an editorial writing style. The most common sphere of its usage is historical and social studies.

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