Sociology: Stereotypes and Their Influence

Introduction The concept of social stereotype was brought into scientific use by Walter Lippman, who considered it as the ordered, and schematic image or picture determined by the culture of the world in people’s head. Lippman outlined the following principal causes based on which people resort to stereo-identification: first, based on the principle of saving […]

Causes and Effects of Global Warming on the Environment

Global Warming is a process that points out an increase in approximate temperature in different spots of Earth. This is caused due to two factors that are responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases. Causes and effects of global Warming bear in present days an equivocal character. The number of causes of the problem is […]

Television Shows Classification

In the United States, television shows are extremely common. Many people spend a lot of time watching television to keep them informed about the situation in the world, for entertainment purposes, or for children to watch educational programs. On the other hand, not everyone is using television to watch the program. With the appearance of […]

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Global Impact of Social Media in United Arabs Emirates

Abstract This research paper examines the impact of social media on teenagers in the UAE. Through primary survey research, it was established that social media has positive and negative impacts on teenagers. The research was based on a sample of 30 respondents through a mixture of direct interviews and questionnaires. Chapter 1: Introduction Statement of […]

Non-Verbal Communication and Customer Satisfaction

Introduction For companies that are responsible for offering services to customers, employees come into direct contact with clients. Consequently, the manner in which they articulate their verbal and non-verbal communication greatly contributes to customer satisfaction. In every transaction made between a service provider and a customer, their communication is split into verbal and non-verbal. Elements […]

Communications: Online Dating and Its Perspectives

Introduction Dating is an art that is as old as human-being. Man is a social animal always looking for companionship. In the old days, the available form of communication was the snail mail that took long before getting to the recipient. It also involved walking over long distances searching for partners. This has changed due […]

Effective and Professional Electronic Communications

Over the past decade, the Internet has revolutionized the way in which communication occurs in the workplace. One of the revolutionary communication means which has emerged is the use of emails. According to Isabelle (2009), electronic mail is now the most useful channel of communication across the globe. As such, it is of uttermost importance […]

Communications: Texting Your Friends and Talking to Them

Thesis statement There is an opportunity to call or text friends in order to communicate with them, asking about something important or just inviting for a cup of tea while the choice depends on appropriateness, emotional aspect, and financial state. We live in an era of information technology, the era of computers, mobile phones, and […]

Environmental Studies: Water Recycling

Introduction Water shortage is a situation where the available water cannot meet the demands of the population sufficiently. With the continued rise of the population and industrialization, there is much pressure on water sources to serve the growing needs of the people. The rise in demand for water has led to water scarcity due to […]

Environmental Studies: Plastics Recycling and Recovery

It is amazing when one considers the number of plastics that are produced and consumed annually. Plastic bags contribute greatly to this increasing number of plastics because people are always buying things. Plastic bugs provide the immediate and available material in which shopping can be loaded into. The large number of waste that is produced […]

Credit Cards: Safe Method of Payment or Not

A credit card enables you to buy something now and pay for it later. As a result, a credit card can help you when you’re short of cash. Further, carrying a credit card can be a lot safer than carrying cash. Cash can be lost or stolen. Credit can be traced so that you’re protected […]

Education: Financial Aid for College Students

Education is probably one of the most significant things in the life of every person. Without proper education, it is not easy to find a good job and earn enough for living. It is known that money is “social embodiment of both form and the content of value” (Smithin, 200), and nowadays, education costs much […]

An Economic Analysis of the National Health Insurance

Abstract More than 48 million Americans do not have health insurance, and some of those who are insured are underinsured, comprising of more than 32 million people. Carrying out health care reform would ensure every person in the country has access to proper health care. This assists to a large extent in regard to cutting […]

Life Insurance: Theory and Practice

Life insurance can be defined as the contract between the insurer and the person who owns the policy. Some countries include some events like bills and death expenses are included in the premium policy. The insurer is bound to pay some money in case an event happens to occur. If the insurer enters the contract, […]

Taxation of Foreign Nationals by the United State

Introduction In every nation, there is a set system of tax collection. The U.S. is not an exemption to the rule. Their system is self-assessing and presupposes that citizens, as well as foreigners, are liable to taxation. The taxation of foreign citizens is different from that of resident citizens. Every foreign citizen is subjected to […]

Vaccines: Should Parents Avoid Vaccinating Their Children?

Abstract Since the creation of the first vaccine against smallpox about two hundred years ago, the debates regarding the integrity, efficiency, and security of vaccination. It has recently been debated, “whether laws should be introduced that render some or all vaccines obligatory for all children” (Rinner, 2010, p. 121). This issue demands attention to the […]

Plastic Surgery History: Interesting Information and Origin

Plastic surgery is a form of treatment that has been practiced in Egypt and India centuries back. Its prominence grew with the two World Wars, where it was used to repair the injuries of soldiers and replace the lost body parts. As a result, it became a part of the medical establishment, and people started […]

Impacts of Internet on Print Media and Journalism

Introduction It is not a contention that the Internet has created a single medium where millions of people from different parts of the world can share information. However, its accessibility means it is not business as usual for players in the media and journalism industry. Over the past few years, much has changed in terms […]

Electronic Banking Services in a Qatar Bank

Introduction Research Background Fast growth of information technology and concurrently that of the banking services has triggered a great competition in the market. Electronic banking has been effective in transforming the lives of consumers and changing their expectations (Havasi et al, 2013). The evolution of e- banking relates closely to the neo-classical economic theories of […]

Trends of Foreign Direct Investments in Emerging Markets

Abstract Foreign direct investment has become very popular as corporate organizations try to expand their market share. It is important to understand the current trends in foreign direct investments in emerging markets. This research reveals that unlike before when the foreign direct investment was dominated by large corporations, the mid-sized companies have also become active […]

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Video Games: Negative or Positive Effects on Teenage Kids

Introduction Video gaming is a highly controversial issue. It is often argued that it is very harmful to the players, gives them nothing, and is plainly a waste of time. On the contrary, large numbers of people still play games very often and enjoy them much. Which opinion is true? In our paper, we will […]

Nursing: Long-Term Care Facilities

Shawnee Christian Nursing Center (SCNC) is a lowly rated (1/5) nursing home compared to Monticello House nursing home (MH) (4/5), even though they are both located in Dallas city. The difference is derived from SCNC health inspection ratings, which stand at 1 out of 5 (MH ratings stand at 4/5). Health inspections help to identify […]

History: Hitler’s Regime in Germany in the 1930’s

Introduction After the First World War, Germany was conquered, weak, and helpless. Its Citizen was desperate and ready to trust that anything someone said, to get any step essential, and to ease the feeling of self-denial and overpowered. Due to this, Adolph Hitler managed to rise into supremacy so smoothly with bogus promises and self-centered […]

Environmental Studies on Coral Reefs

The current research has revealed that both the New Caledonia Barrier Reef (CCBR) and the Red Sea Coral Reef (RSCR) are among the principal coral reefs. For instance, sources indicate that CCR harbors the second greatest barrier reef. The total average size of CCBR is approximately 1,500 kilometers (Darwin, 2010). This barrier possesses a significant […]

Marine Pollution in Australia

Introduction The ocean plays a significant role in the economic and social lives of people in Australia. It serves as a major transportation network, a favorite recreational area, and a source of food for millions of Australians. The coastal environment serves as a habitat for numerous flora and fauna species. It also plays a significant […]

Literature: The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

Introduction The bluest eye is a mind-blowing novel written in 1970 by Toni Morrison, an American author. The issues of incest, racism, and child molestation are discussed in the book, and it focuses on the life of Pecola Breedlove. Pecola Breedlove was an 11 years old African American girl in Ohio who went through turbulent […]

Computers History, Classification and Development

Discussion In history, computers were only used as machines that performed calculations. These changed over time with more supplicated machines which were being developed to perform more general tasks (Null L.& Lobur J., P. 34) Modern computer is a result of advances in technologies and the need to quantify record numbers and language. Papyrus was […]

Impact of ‘New Technologies’ upon Society

Introduction New technologies play an increasingly important role in human lives. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine everyday life without a computer, cell phone, iPod, the Internet, etc. All these innovations become a considerable part of social life and change the way people live, communicate, work, and relax. Technological progress cannot be stopped or replaced. […]

Teleportation: Physics of the Impossible

Introduction Teleportation is described as the action or capability of transferring matter instantly from one point in time and space to another point of the same nature. As much as it was first conjured by fiction writers, Teleportation has been the subject of wide discussions all over. It is generally assumed that during the process […]

Will Computers Take Over The Society In The Future?

Abstract Since the introduction of modern Computers, computer technology comes a long way. With a fantastic increase in the capabilities of the computers each year, it has now become possible for researchers as well a common man to think if computer technology will become so advance in the future to enable computers to think independently. […]

Social Media Effect on Young People

Introduction Social media is gaining subscribers every day, and youth are actively using one or more social media platforms. Growth in technology has sparked an exponential rate of using social media for communication, marketing, and other activities among youth. While there are many positive impacts of social media on young people, there are also negative […]

Japan as a Technological Leader of the World

The technological integration of the world is changing, and different countries are adopting new and modernized methods of adapting to these changing scenarios. The past depicts that countries like United States, United Kingdom, and certain European countries were considered as the technological giants, but in the current scenario, countries like Japan, China, and India are […]

The Role of Computers in Our Life

Introduction It is true that computers have created a revolution in the life of human beings and have simplified the way in which we live. But is the computer really helping humans or just adding more work? Are humans becoming more addicted to computers? The aim of this paper is to investigate the role of […]

New Technologies in Nursing

Introduction The current nursing technologies have transformed how nurses conduct their duties. Evidently, such technologies and new healthcare systems have endured establishing better services to patients. According to the reports of different researches and surveys, improvements in nursing technology have augmented patient gratification and the general outcomes (Ball 86). In addition, there is also a […]

The Milky Way and the Expanding Universe

A spiral galaxy is one of three types of galaxies studied and documented by Edwin Hubble. Spiral galaxies are apparently the most common in the universe and have a characteristic spiral contour; that is also the characteristic feature referred to in their name. The spiral shape is usually constituted of arms enfolded around a dense […]

Astronomy: the Theory of the Universe

Introduction Astronomy is the most ancient science in the world. People of the ancient civilizations depended on changes in stars, the moon, and the sun to conduct most of their activities, including important activities such as navigation. Several developments have taken place to arrive at our current understanding of the physics behind astronomy. These include […]

Whether Robots are Conscious or Not?

Introduction The robot is defined as a man-made electromechanical machine that works on a set of pre-programmed instructions from humans or computers to do some specific job or a variety of jobs on its own. Robots are devices that mimic human or animal characteristics in performing the specified jobs and are considered to possess virtual […]

Virtual Reality Technology: Theory, Practice and Research

Introduction Virtual reality involves use of senses to interact with and manipulation of a computer based external environment. Magnetic tracking is used to measure the movement in the environment. In future developments, ultrasonic waves will be used to measure the movements. Currently, the technology has been used widely in a myriad of fields. In the […]

Genetically Modified Foods and Their Impact on Human Health

Genetically modified food (GM) has become the subject of discussion in academic, research, media, and scientific circles. It basically means food that has been made either for animals or human beings using the recent technology in biotechnology, genetic engineering, recombinant DNA technology, or basically the gene technology (Thieman & Palladino, 2009). The main characteristic which […]

The Environmental Impacts of Consumption and Production

Introduction The purpose of this essay is to show that people affect the environment negatively because of the social, cultural, and economic activities that they engage in regularly. The resulting increase in environmental degradation causes negative effects on people. These include increased morbidity rate, famine, and limited access to natural resources such as water. Therefore, […]

Technologies: the Role of Drones in the Modern World

Introduction The present era is characterized by rapid technological changes and advancements. Globalization has made it possible for many companies and individuals to engage in continuous research and development (R&D). One of the current technological trends that have redefined human activities is the drone. Grant indicates that a trend is a powerful process usually driven […]

Democracy and National Economic Performance in China

To examine the relationship between democracy and national economic performance in China, it is necessary to define the two notions. O’Neil et al. define democratic regimes as those “with rules that emphasize a large role for the public in governance and that protect basic rights and freedoms” (30). In democracies, citizens participate in decision-making and […]

Environment: Oil Drilling in the Arctic National Refuge

The question of whether to drill oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) or not to drill it at all has been one of the most controversial issues in the United States. Environmental conservationists hold one common view that drilling oil in the ANWR will cause irreversible damage to the wildlife since it is […]

Effects of Video Games on Players

The video game industry has grown into a multi-billion venture over the years. New games are produced by video game companies constantly. These games are in a variety of genres, ranging from violence to educational games. In recent years, there have been increased arguments about the impact of video games. These arguments arise as a […]

Transportation: Electric Cars Effects

Abstract Several decades ago, the very idea of electric cars seemed absurd. With the advanced technologies of the XXI century, however, the long-awaited dream was finally turned into reality. The number of electric cars is still admittedly low in the market. However, compared to the previous sales statistics, the demand for electric cars is slowly […]

The Current and Future Role of Nutrigenomics in Human Health

Nutrigenomics is a field of science that merges two smaller fields for application and research purposes (Müller & Kersten2003, p.8). Genome refers to the collective physical factor in a human being’s genetic definition. This collection of genes is primarily contained in the chromosome. Thus, the chromosome is the basic unit that forms the genome. A […]

Responsive Website Design Technique

Responsive Website Design is a technique of creating websites whose main objective is to provide the best viewing experience for the user who owns a wide range of devices. The website’s use should include; easy navigation and reading for the customers, minimum panning, scrolling, and resizing. The main aim of a responsive website is to […]

Astronomy: International Space Station

The space station operating at an international level, known as ISS, is a partnership operation comprised of several countries with a common objective of conducting space explorations that take place within the Station. ISS mainly focuses on laboratory research which is regarded as among the challenging political as well as technological tasks that has ever […]

The Internet’s Effects on Students Lives

Technology, particularly the Internet, has changed the lives of students who have access in various ways. The effects of technology ripple out and reach even those students who may not have direct access to Internet but whose professors have the privilege of accessing and utilizing it. Students with direct access to the Internet have wider […]

The Potential Benefits of Genetic Engineering

Nowadays, people strive to improve the quality of life, focus on higher accomplishments, and try to find new ways to overcome such social problems as diseases and hunger. In this context, genetic engineering seems to be the potential to improve the quality of life because of creating new and improved organisms. The term “genetic engineering” […]

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Genetic Engineering: Dangers and Opportunities

Introduction As of today, the practice of genetic engineering continues to remain highly controversial. In its turn, this can be explained by the fact that there are a number of the clearly defined ethical undertones to the very idea of inducing ‘beneficial’ genetic mutations to a living organism. After all, this idea presupposes the eventual […]

Gas Price Increasing and Alternative Energy Sources

The usage of gas in our everyday life is inevitable. Natural gas is one of the best alternatives to oil. It is also very much convenient for the environment. Natural gas is given the status of the cleanest of the fossil fuel (Eric & Smith 39). The united states have an ample reserve of natural […]

Cyber Security: Policy, Processes and Practices

Introduction to the Global Threat Landscape The global society faces several security threats. Technological development has compromised the state of global security. With globalization, most states have become insecure. A perfect example is the United States. An analysis of the global threat landscape depicts a pattern of evolution. Particularly, this trend is notable since the […]

History: the Printed Press Impact on the Society

Introduction The impact of the printing press, especially the Guttenberg printing press, can be held in the same light as the impact of the internet in today’s society. Even though the printing press had a great influence on European society, “it did not replace other forms of communication entirely.” (Eisenstein15) Handwritten manuscripts were still in […]

Solar System Geology, Climate, and Composition

Introduction Luckily, the naturally occurring processes of geology concentrate on the minerals and metals that become valuable in daily human activities and convert them into forms that are useful to us. These processes enable people to take these minerals and metals out of the ground using fewer efforts, and this is caused by the manner […]

Space Exploration: India Space Mission

Abstract The following paper will discuss the topic of ISRO to launch India’s first spacecraft to Mars. Even though primarily it might seem as a sensation with positive factors, there are some concerns that have been voiced by the people of India, as well as other countries. Some of the benefits attributed to the mission […]

Solar System: the Weather on Other Planets

Introduction All planets in the solar system experience are varying weather conditions and seasons. However, the occurrence of seasons on other planets is distinct from the conventional system of winter, autumn, summer, and spring that is experienced on earth (Carson, 11). It may seem hat the weather system is different across various parts of the […]

Space Exploration: UAE and INDIA Space Cooperation

The space sector is one of the most critical and prospective branches of any economic development. Nowadays, world governments perform significant contributions to the development of innovative programs in the relevant sphere. One would hardly argue with the fact that the successful performance within the space industry might assist considerably in the improvement of the […]

The International Space Station: Building for the Future

The International space station is a globally established exploration facility constructed in a low- world orbit. It is the biggest space station ever assembled. Construction of the ISS began in the year 1994. The station will be completed by the year 2012. It is expected that this station will be operational up to the year […]

Astronomy: Planets and Solar System

This reflective treatise attempts to explain the stellar nebular theory and evidence to support the same. Besides, the paper explores the unique feature of terrestrial planets of Earth, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. The same explores these features in the Jovian planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. In addition, the treatise discusses minor members of […]

Use of Social Programs by Social Class in Canada

Introduction Canada, contrary to popular belief, is a highly stratified country. While the general perception to some citizens and foreigners alike is that it offers equal opportunities for individuals who strive to excel, the reality on the ground tells a different story. The history of Canada has been tainted by social stratification and limited social […]

Patriots: The Rebellions in Lower Canada 1837-38

The rebellions of Upper and Lower Canada were the revolts against the British colonial power in Canada, and these rebellions were held between the years 1837 and 1838. The Lower Canada Rebellion of 1837 refers to the armed conflict that ensued when the British Colonial authority clashed with armed rebels of Lower Canada, which is […]

The Canadian Myth of Multiculturalism

Modern-day Canada has become an amalgamation of different cultures, religions, and races. Like other first world countries, Canada is a land of immigrants from all over the world. Similar to countries such as the United States, Canada’s early immigrants were from France and England (Bibby, 2000). Around the 1960s, Canada experienced a shift from the […]

Countries Studies: Canada and the USA Comparison

Canada and the US are countries that are located in the American continent. Both countries are relatively large, and they occupy a large part of the North American region (Reynolds 7). Canada and the US are countries that have many similarities, although they are slightly different in terms of resources, environment, demography, infrastructure, and economy, […]

Understanding and Explaining the Canadian Identity

Creating a national identity for Canada is the central theme of the documentary Shameless Propaganda by Robert Lower. This film is an overview of Canadian documentaries made in the period during World War II. It helps in understanding the main ideas the Canadian government used in the past to build a national identity, and in […]

Aboriginal Art and Culture Role in Canadian Studies

Aboriginal Art and culture help us to understand the worldview, values, and traditions of the Canadian people, their past, and the present. Aboriginal culture reflects the long-term colonization of Canada, during which Aboriginal people “have used art-making as a strategy for survival” (Trépanier and Creighton-Kelly 18). Aboriginal Arts show themselves in everything, from galleries and […]

People’s Attitude toward Social Networking Services

Social networks became the people’s everyday reality, and today the public is divided into the proponents of using these services and opponents who focus on the advantages of the face-to-face interaction. Furthermore, the users of social networking services can also be divided into groups according to their attitude to this popular online activity. From this […]

Role of Internet in Internet Addiction

The concern that individuals may become obsessed with medium pre-dates the Internet. The use of the term “addiction,” particularly when referring to heavy internet users, is controversial (Kuss et al. 1989). It has drawn the attention of social scientists, medical professionals, and American Psychiatric Association (APA). At one point, APA argued that excessive use of […]

Communism: Theory and Reality

Abstract The ideas of Communism appeared in the middle of the nineteenth century and were expressed in the works of Carl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Communism presupposes the economic equality of all members of a classless society. Marx developed a three-step algorithm of the establishment of Communism. First, revolution removes all class distinctions, forming a […]

Learning Methods: Online Learning

Introduction At present, there has been a drastic and dramatic change in the overall procedure and system of education. This has been brought by several factors such as advancement in technology as well as improved infrastructure and communication means. Due to technology, online learning has been possible. Online learning takes place without the physical presence […]

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Theory and Risks

Introduction Plastic surgery is a medical practice that mainly consists of reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. It is normally done so as to either correct or restore the functions or features of the various body parts. It is important to note that the word plastic is derived from a Greek’ plastikos’ meaning to shape. Over […]

Tree Planting and Climate Change

Introduction Climate change has serious effects on the environment and the existence of living organisms. Environmentalists and policymakers have been designing strategies to ameliorate climate change in a sustainable manner. As one school of thought believes that planting trees is an effective strategy of ameliorating climate change, the opposing school of thought believes that tree […]

Global Warming is Not a Myth

Forewords Whether global warming is a theory or a reality has been a matter of debate over the years. In fact, global warming and the evident climatic change poses as one of the most controversial, unclear, and highly debated phenomena in the world today with proponents and skeptics taking different sides of the argument. While […]

Music Marketing in a Digital World

Introduction Television’s ability to present a video, audio, and motion is proving to be one of the most common and modern powerful means of delivering information to a larger audience or mass audience today (Ofcom, 2008). Davis (2007) describes it as a “Trojan Horse that surprises many audiences.” On the other hand, some people would […]

Effects of Music Therapy for Adolescents with Autism

Identification & Definition of the Topic Autism is a puzzling disease that has, for a long time, bemused medical society. It is a condition that starts almost after birth and typically affects children below the age of three years. Autism is a disorder that has an impounding effect on children for a long time in […]

Evolution in Modern Indian Music

Introduction The Republic of India is the second most populated country in the world and the seventh-largest geographical area. A multitude of ethnic groups with distinct cultural traditions, languages, and dialects comprise the South Asia subcontinent, and such a factor is reflective in the music. Rich and diverse, Indian folk music is utilized for special […]

Music History and Development

Different Cultures all have there owned a specific way of communicating through music. Music is basically broken into two specific groups Eastern Music and Western Music. Eastern music is mainly derived from the orient and India. While western music first emerged from Europe. Western music has developed in many ways since the middle ages through […]

Reality Music Television Shows

Forewords Often, advancement in technology has been attributed to the great transition of the music industry. As such, the role of reality television shows in the advancement and growth of the music industry has tended to be underestimated. In effect, the reality television music shows and their central role in the growth of the music […]

Psychology: Personality and Music Preferences

Background information Many researchers and neuroscientists concur that brainwaves have the potential to predict the popularity of hit songs. For example various pieces of equipment that record neurometric and biometric responses can be used to monitor the skin temperature, respiration and heart rate of the listeners of a musical piece. Generally these are the methods […]

The Functions of Film Music

Introduction Music plays an important role in films. Music helps the audience to be able to capture the atmosphere of various scenes, and this enables the audience to understand the plot better. By incorporating music in film, it is possible to arouse emotions through the characters in the movie or film so that the audience […]

Effect of Music on Education

There has been a rising concern over the effect of music on education. Some scholars have conducted research and have reported various effects of music on education. One such scholar is Allan Bloom. According to Bloom, music has a direct impact on the education of children. He states that music influences negatively the lifestyles of […]

Legalizing Free Downloads Of Music And Movies

File sharing has had a profound impact on the economic gains of the various stakeholders in the music industry. The practice entails providing access and the distribution of information that has been stored digitally. This information could be multimedia (video or audio), computer programs, electronic books, or documents (Zentner, 2005, P. 3). By declaring file-sharing […]

Buddhism and the Life Teaching of Siddhartha

Introduction Buddhism is believed to have been in existence, way before Siddhartha existed (United Press International, 2007, p. 1). Most scholars observe that the roots of Buddhism are very deep, and though Siddhartha contributed a lot to the development of the religion, many Buddhists believe that he was just one of the people awakened to […]

Usage of Alternative Energy

Introduction Alternative energy is a term used to describe any source of energy that replaces the usage of fuel as the source of energy and they are deemed not to have the negative effects that are accrued with the usage of fossil fuels. Fossil fuel and nuclear energy has been deemed to have more negative […]

How Wind Turbines Convert Wind Energy into Electrical Energy?

Introduction The demand for renewable energy has contributed immensely towards the growth of wind energy industry. Nations such as the United States have shifted away from using fossil fuels. However, the success of wind energy industry depends greatly on wind turbines. A wind turbine is a technological device used in converting energy present in the […]

Photography as a Cultural History

Pictorialism is often called photo-impressionism, as long as effects on photos, which were achieved thanks to back lighting, and shooting in mist or under a rain, and with the help of soft-focus lenses, as well as with the help of further manipulation, reminded about. A famous American photographer Emerson created in the genre of naturalistic […]

Corporal Punishment Argument

The choice between a corporal punishment and the methods of upbringing that do not involve physical aggression towards children has been in existence for decades. Although modern methods of upbringing have been designed and proven to be quite efficient with children of all ages, a range of people still resort to the use of corporal […]

Advertising to Children and Social Responsibility

Advertising is a device by which “artificial” tastes are created. Advertising is one of numerous elements that influence a consumer’s spending decisions. Because advertising is available to all who would sell a product or service, no single message can possibly dominate our attention. This applies as much to decisions between kinds of products as to […]

Improving Oral Reading Skills to Enhance Reading Comprehension

Abstract Background. The significance of oral skills in acquiring the corresponding reading abilities can hardly be overrated. Because of the need to identify the aural signals with the visual ones and at the same time connect them to the connotation of a word, students need the teacher’s support as far as the enhancement of their […]

Child abuse, Sexual assault and Domestic violence

Child abuse can be identified as conduct or act impairing or endangering emotional or physical development of the child; this category of victimization covers any damage suffered by a child, which cannot be clarified or reasonably explained and providing a series of intentional or deliberate injuries. It is necessary to underline the fact that child […]

Isaac Newton Scientific Contributions

Isaac Newton is considered a champion of scientific modernity in several aspects. His inventions have not only been historical but have influenced the development in modern life. The historical introductions of scientific methodologies have been used to transform ancient methodology to a new phase of natural intellectual development. Scholars attribute the recent intellectual capital trading […]

Technical Communication: Social Networking

Social networking can be defined as a virtual environment in which individuals form groups for a common goal of socializing. Traditionally, social networking is mostly done offline by groups of friends or people sharing a common interest. Technological advances have, however, changed the social networking concept to the point where it mainly implies online social […]

Animal Rights: What of Animal Cloning?

Animal cloning is a subject that has attracted substantial controversy, especially after scientists revealed that it is also possible to clone humans. People around the world are thus divided on the issues with large factions against animal cloning, and the rest opposed to the idea. A bill has recently been passed by the United States […]

Euthanasia Pros and Cons

Introduction The question of human life value has always been actual. For centuries people have been trying to find a good and complete answer to it. An idea that life is a gift from some supernatural powers is very common, and that is why people have no right to make serious decisions about it. People […]

Psychiatry: the Multi-Dimensional Nature of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a psychological condition in which patients suffer from disabling chronic mental disorders that adversely affect the normal functioning of the brain. History has chronicled many instances of schizophrenia in the world. Estimates indicate that 1 percent of Americans suffer from this medical condition. According to the Rush (1962, 180), people who suffer from […]

Business-to-Business Marketing Practices

Introduction This report focuses on analyzing and synthesizing information about the best business-to-business marketing practices found in seven different articles. The paper will first explore the main themes raised in the articles, then link the articles to the B2B marketing course, and finally, discuss Building long term customer relationships in business markets. Articles Themes The […]

Gender Equality in Britain in the 20th Century Essay

Introduction At the base of gender, analysis is the difference that exists between sex and the biological sex of a person. Gender is something that is socially created in the environment, whereas sex is a thing of the genetic feature of an organism. Human beings over the decades have had the chance to change the […]

Goal Line Technology and Football

Introduction Football has all the rights to be called the most compelling and engaging kind of sport ever, with its numerous challenges, the approaches that allow winning even facing the strongest rivals, and the inspiring teamwork. However, football matches are not only about the issue of teamwork but also about strict competition and the importance […]

Leadership and Organizational Change

Introduction The efficiency and success of an organization greatly depend on the type of leadership approaches or strategies that are practiced in the corporate organization. According to some organizational change scholars, a leader must be capable of influencing, motivating, and enabling others to contribute to the success and efficiency of an organizational process (Maxwell, 2005; […]

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