Nuclear Disasters: Fukushima and Chernobyl

Introduction Both Fukushima and Chernobyl disasters were nuclear crises that occurred accidentally in Japan and Ukraine respectively. The Fukushima nuclear disaster occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant while the Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Both disasters were rated seven, which is the highest in the scale due to its […]

The Industrial Revolution in Europe

Introduction The European industrial revolution occurred between the eighteenth century and nineteenth centuries. During this time, the European and American pastoral populations that appeared to be mainly agricultural turned into urbanized and industrialized populations. However, in the late 1700s, British communities were the first to experience the Industrial Revolution, but before this period, industrial production […]

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The Civil Rights Movement in USA

Introduction Civil rights are normally grouped together with political rights. These are categories of freedom and rights that are recognized by a constitution and are meant to protect citizens, both at individual and group level, against unjustifiable actions undertaken by the government, individuals, and private organizations. Civil rights also ensure citizens do not experience any […]

The French Revolution and the Rights of Men

Introduction Before the French revolution, there were only two nations that acknowledged the concept of human right, which are the Great Britain and the USA, its former colony. Despite the interpretative differences in the national history of the French revolution, the country embraced only civil and political rights. However, the complicated selection of delegates that […]

History of American Revolution

After the conclusion (end) of the Seven Years War in 1763, British, facing no immediate threat from the French turned her interest to the colonies (Pauline 16). British had accumulated enormous defence expenses during the wars and as such needed to collect revenue from the colonies in order to offset them (Pauline 43). As a […]

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) Biography

One of the people who cannot be easily forgotten as far as the history of America is concerned is Benjamin Franklin. Franklin is regarded as one of the main founders of the United States because of his active participation in the development of different fields. This paper presents the biography of Benjamin Franklin. The paper […]

“The War of 1812”

United States and Great Britain engaged in war in 1812, hence named “The War of 1812”. This war lasted for three years, that is, from 1812 to 1815. It resulted from the cropping anger of the Americans over trade issues, impressments of American sailors, and British aid of the Indian attacks on the front line […]

American Foreign Policy

Impact of presidents on American foreign policy and Obama’s influence and change in the international agenda Presidents in the United States often affect foreign policy by deciding whether the country will employ diplomatic means to deal with an international relations issue or whether they will use war. History shows that through approval of congress, American […]

History of Crusades

Introduction The crusades that were carried out in medieval times left long lasting effects that are still being felt today in both the Christian and Muslim world. Crusades played a significant part in defining the kind of relations that exist between the West and Islam at the present time. This paper will examine how the […]

Mona Lisa and Renaissance Humanism

The word ‘Renaissance’ literally means ‘rebirth’, but most people today associate the term with a specific time period in Western European culture. Many of these go even further to think specifically of Italy, or perhaps more specifically still, of Florence. This is because this cultural revival, which happened roughly between the years 1400 and 1600, […]

Common Core State Standards Mathematics

Common Core State Standards Mathematics-Grade 4 Learning Trajectories The learning trajectories for this Grade in reference to algebraic and mathematical calculations require that the student understands some basic rules regarding mathematics. There has been intensive input into this area from the state and as a standard requirement. Some of them include the need to understand […]

Benefits of Being and Staying Positive

The secret of character and leadership It is commonplace that character forms the basis on which all pertinent decisions that influence leadership can be made. It should also be noted that a leader’s behavior is the best indicator of his or her character. As a result, scholars have argued that wise leaders tend to succeed […]

History of Film Noir

Introduction Film Noir is a term coined in the early 1940s by the French to refer to trendy Hollywood crime movies produced during this period. The term literally means black film in French and the movies were characterized by their black and white visual style, a style generally thought to have begun in the early […]

Defending Slavery

Introduction Slave trade was a booming business in America before it was abolished in the eighteenth century. Many contemporary historians claim that the slave trade lasted for more than 2000 years. During the slavery period, people were illegally enslaved and transported under unkind conditions. Slaves who were majorly obtained from the African continent were exchanged […]

Karl Marx Views on History

Introduction Marxism perspective is concerned with the ways in which the production of space and place is implicated in the reproduction of specific social reforms that happen in history. Marx believed that the present order must first be destroyed by revolution before a truly socialist could evolve. Marxist Theories of History Economic determinism- the idea […]

The Art of Mesoamerica

The tendency to fulfill a row of important of public utility functions including system of communication, being material wealth, displaying one’s power, and expressing religious beliefs through the art works can be well explored in the art of Mesoamerica. This phenomenon is observed throughout centuries in different Mesoamerican cultures such as Aztecs, Olmecs, Huastecs, Maya, […]

Humanities and Justice in Britain during 18th Century

India was a simple subcontinent before its introduction to the West. On the eve of the British conquest of India, it was characterized by lot of disruption and economic fragmentation. The gradual downfall of the Mughal Empire during the 18th century had led to economic disintegration and the constant bouts of conflict amongst the Indian […]

The Architectonics of Memory: On Built Form and Built Thought

Architecture has generally been considered as the art of design and construction using unique techniques that are appealing to the eyes. However, some architects have been arguing that architecture is more than this. They consider it as an art and science of trying to make the world a better place for all living things. They […]

History of Nazi Propaganda Movies

Introduction If ever a man was master of propaganda and political rhetoric, it was Adolf Hitler of Nazi German. Adolf Hitler was able to prove to the entire world that power is wielded by propaganda when utilized as an instrument of political force. The role that the Germany nation played in the Second World War […]

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Why and How did the US get Involved in the Korean War?

Introduction The Korean War has been labeled as one of the most significant occurrences after the end of the Second World War. In fact, some political analysts referred to it as a direct replacement of the Second World War. It had an indelible impact on the Cold War that followed immediately after. The Koreans however […]

Women in Ancient Greek Society

Ancient Greek society was one of the most highly developed communities of its time. Science thrived, and so did the economy, architecture, literature, art, and many other components of any culture. On the other hand, however developed the ancient Greek society may seem, there was indeed place for certain shortcomings. They came in the form […]

History of post WWII

Introduction The post WWII years turned to be rather challenging for the world. It became the beginning of the new era of global development, including the escalating confrontation between Soviet and Imperialistic blocks, the beginning of the Cold War with its détentes and escalations. The invention of missile weapons led to the escalating of Cuban […]

History of Aztec Music

The Aztec people are originally from the central part of Mexico. They were most known for their political power and the use of the war drums in battle they posed the Mesoamerica in the 15th and 16th centuries (Skidmore & Smith pp 28). Today they are found in the island of Lake Tex coco and […]

History of Manifest Destiny in US

The middle of the 19th century was an expansive time in the United States, a period when appropriate actions would result in significant benefits. According to these principles, John O’Sullivan was unsuccessful. His risky investments were never fruitful. His political allies never paid him well for his publishing work. His scheme to seize Cuba was […]

Rome from 140 BCE to the Reign of Octavian

Numerous events took place in Rome between 140 BCE and the time Octavian. These events are political, social, economical and cultural. The leaders who ruled Rome during this period are mainly responsible for the changes that took place during this time. The most outstanding personalities in this period include Tiberius Gracchus, Gaius Gracchus, Marius, Sulla, […]

History and Role of the Money

Introduction Money is any commodity or token that serves as a medium of exchange that is legally and socially acknowledged in payment for services and goods and in the disbursement of debts. Money serves as a store of value and as a standard of value for determining the comparative worth of different services and goods. […]

Take a Stand: Underage Drinking

Abstract Despite the actions taken to prevent underage drinking, the specified issue still remains a major problem in the United States. The state law, which prohibits selling alcohol to underage people, does not prevent teenagers from engaging in drinking. However, these are not only the immediate risks such as the threat of an injury in […]

Doping In Sports

Recent years have seen major athletes being caught with doping. Use of performance enhancing drugs is considered as one of the major crimes in sports. This act is considered as cheating and as unethical in sports. Increase in the numbers of sportsmen being caught in anti-doping screening has raised debate on whether use steroids should […]

International Relations: Feminism

Introduction When one has to deal with the analysis of gender problems and the inequality of sexes in the society, he or she will inevitably face lots of problems. This is so due to the fact that the gender question has always arisen much controversy, and people have always failed to find the common point […]

Food Safety and Information Bulletin

The health-conscious consumer looks for nutrient-packed salad bars, natural foods, rare meat, and raw seafood at meal time but the microbes in fresh foods or in foods processed with minimal heat pose greater health risks than the nutrient loss that occurs in cooking or the chemical additives and pesticide residues that many people fear (Brewer, […]

Border Control: A Mixed Method Approach to Mexican Immigration to The U.S

Introduction A person can be termed as an illegal immigrant when he/she enters a country without due inspection, approval, or possesses flawed documents such as an expired VISA or a fake VISA. The 2007 Pew Hispanic Center report shows that the people who had migrated to U.S. without the government’s permission were mostly from Mexico […]

“The Sound and the Fury” a Book by William Faulkner

The Sound and the Fury is a wonderful written work first presented by William Faulkner in 1929. The book has many compelling episodes to get absorbed with. It is interesting how Faulkner described his characters so vividly, each of them has own principles, virtues, attitude towards life and towards Caddy. One of the main protagonists […]

Jane Barker Brooklyn Child Advocacy Center

Introduction Located in New York City, Jane Barker Brooklyn Child Advocacy Center offers treatment to child abuse victims. Since its inception, the center has adopted a multidisciplinary approach in rehabilitating child abuse victims (SHO, 2013). Indeed, the Center is among the first child rehabilitation centers to offer a multidisciplinary approach for treating victims of child […]

The Benefits of Raising the Minimum Wage

The minimum wage law was intended as a humanitarian act which would stimulate the economy as well. Most agree that employees who work full-time hours should be paid a wage sufficient so as to allow them to provide for their most essential needs which current minimum wage does not accomplish. For workers in Mississippi, for […]

The History of Gold Rush

The Gold Rush was a massive event, triggered by the discovery of gold in Coloma, California. James W. Marshall found the gold, while he was inspecting the river’s channel. This discovery led to the development of California as a state. The city of San Francisco had grown from a mere settlement to a mighty city. […]

Homelessness to Mass Incarceration

Introduction Homelessness and incarceration are two experiences with a two-fold correlation. Not only the conditions of homelessness make people vulnerable to the different societal factors that may lead to imprisonment, but also the experience of the incarceration creates a high possibility that the former inmates of the penitentiary institutions will be homeless after leaving the […]

Women and Sexuality through Naomi Wolf’s Book ‘Promiscuity’

Introduction A woman’s sexuality is a contentious context. Ms Wolf demystifies women sexuality through this expose. This book is a memoir and expose about the confusion in female sexuality. Wolf reminisces about her sexual escapades with her friends. She projects the escapade as the journey women take to sexually maturity. This draws out a clear […]

Legitimization of Prostitution

Prostitution is the exchange of sexual acts for payment. There are many reasons why people enter prostitution and some of them are age, early home leaving, childhood sexual abuse, drug abuse and poverty (Sullivan, 2001). Prostitution is accompanied by many problems chief among them being physical and sexual abuse, drug addiction, low self-esteem and increased […]

The Effect of Video Game Violence

Video games are electronic devices that require the interaction of a user face. This enables the generation of visual feedback. Video games vary from handheld devices to mainframe computers. Video games started as early as the mid 20th century and today the popularity has grown tremendously and the entertainment industry that produces them has grown […]

Health Promotion Strategies for Obesity

Overweight and obesity have instituted numerous health complications that has risen steadily over the last two decades. For example, recent data shows that adult overweight and obesity in most European countries has risen alarmingly, with 27% and 38% of men and women respectively considered to be obese (Sallis & Glanz 2009, p.128). Even children are […]

Perceptions about Relationships around Schooling

Schooling is the time when every student acquires precious learning and life experience. Thus, it is important to understand the impact teachers have throughout the formation of students’ personalities. The essential factors of forming mature personalities are relationships between teachers and administrators, teachers and students, and students and other students at the school. The teachers’ […]

Binge Drinking in the United Kingdom

Abstract It is prudent to accept that the role of intoxication in the society has considerably shifted and as such the attitudes towards alcohol consumption and its role with respect to the changing landscape of leisure, work and pleasure. From the eras of carnivalesque excess, to the acceptance of an alcoholic pressure valve to sustain […]

You are What You Eat

Introduction A modern person living a modern life should learn to eat healthy since whatever a person eats would determine the his or her health condition in the long run. Eating healthy would lead to being in a healthy condition but eating unhealthy food or in an unhealthy manner would lead to complications to the […]

What Video Games Have to Teach Us

Living in times of blistering development of computer technologies, we should recognize the fact that they have a great influence on traditional things. Every day we observe more and more changes introduced by digital technologies. These technologies help people in their work and study, providing easy access to information. However, society still does not use […]

Apples approach to “Marketing Planning”

Market plan Innovative contemporary technology has brought about a remarkable transformation in the mold of the modern day society. The spectacular and radical transformations that have occurred in the past few decades is indicative of the consequences of human endeavor to embark on countless new inventions and incessant search and quest for new things. With […]

Computer Intelligence Tested with Human Tests

Introduction Since 1950, people have tried to compare machine intelligence to human intelligence using cognition. The Stanford Binet test of measuring intelligence utilizes young people in order to assess their ability to understand elements. The elements used in the Stanford test are visual, speech voice, calculable techniques and short-term memory. It also includes the ability […]

Description of Three Cognitive Biases

Cognitive bias is a continuous pattern of deviation from what is rational. There are many types of cognitive bias. The paper would discuss the confirmation bias, representativeness heuristic, and hindsight bias. Confirmation bias It is a way or method of searching for and or interpreting information to confirm one’s prejudices. It typically leads to mistakes. […]

Rhetoric and Stereotypes

Stereotypes are generalizations that people have formed about other people who belong to other groups or class (Grobman, 1990). Stereotyping takes place in people’s lives at one point of their lives concerning people who they view as outsiders. These generalizations maybe reinforced by the society or environment. People stereotype others for example on the basis […]

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Distance Learning and Social Change

Abstract Distance learning can be defined as a form of education where learners can learn wherever they are through the use of technology. Distance learning faces some challenges. The main issue is the quality of the instruction. The instructions which reach the students attending distant learning classes really matters. It sometimes depends on the attitude […]

Benefits of Healthy Lifestyle

Introduction The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as ‘A complete state of mental, physical and social well-being not merely the absence of disease’. The one area of my lifestyle that I currently fail to meet guidelines in accordance with this organization is on physical fitness. WHO’s guidelines recommend physical activity for all ages. In […]

Experience at an Amusement Park (Sixflags)

To begin with, the world of entertainment excites me much, and I can hardly find anyone in my surroundings who does not want to experience the flow of adrenalin throughout body and mind as well. I am talking about my personal experience while visiting the amusement park Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles. The […]

Government Must Control TV Shows Contents

Research conducted by various scholars show that media and television serve as the most significant influence on adolescents and children. In fact, television is seen to affect several aspects of behavior and health. Television apparently has both negative and positive sides. The positive aspect of television is that it might be educational and entertaining. It […]

Nutrition and Health

According to Macdonald (2009), nutrition entails the process which involves supplying living organisms with food or other necessary substances which help in sustaining life. Nutrition can also be defined as food nourishment which enables organisms to grow and be healthy. Nutrition is essential to all living things and more so to human beings’ physical and […]

Why Reality Shows are So Popular

Introduction A reality show is a section of television programs, which comprise of situations of humor or drama. Usually, the host is an ordinary individual interviewing ordinary people who are presented with a present afterwards. Reality shows have almost become part of the popular culture due to its humorous nature. Realty television shows present a […]

Brainstorm for Final Project Details Memo

Research-based report Formal reports are very important for the successful communication of the information. They are usually used instead of formal meetings or other ways of information promotion. Research-based reports are generally created in order to demonstrate business ideas to the necessary audience. Their main aim is to present the information in a concise and […]

How Instagram affects People’s Lives Nowadays

Introduction Instagram’s main line of business focuses on sharing photos and videos. While operating in this line of business, the organisation has immensely altered the manner in which people perceive the world. Kelvin Systrom who is the company’s co-founder maintains that Instagram constitutes a key element of the lives of all people across the globe. […]

Why Gun Control Laws Should be Scrapped

Introduction Columbine High School, Westroads Mall in Omaha, Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois University, and Lane Bryant in Tinley Park are places that have more than one thing in common. These places are sites where numerous victims have fallen prey to vicious gunmen who shot them to their untimely demise. Surprisingly, all these places are gun […]

Effects of Gun Control Measures in the United States

Introduction Considerable research indicates that consistent gun control measures do not prevent criminals from possessing firearms. Rather, these laws offer the criminals an advantage over the law-abiding citizens, thereby increasing crime. LaRosa indicates that one of the effects of gun control is that the violent and harmful people acquire arms whereas the system disarms peaceful […]

Women’s Health Teaching Proposal: on Healthy Lifestyle Choices, Diet and Activity

Population addressed This paper addresses middle-aged women: the women who are from 35 to 65 years old. During this period of their lives, women often encounter health problems, which makes health teaching particularly important in this respect. Importance During their middle age women go through natural aging processes along with equally natural processes connected with […]

Effect of Social-cultural Factors on Eating Disorders

The emergence of new fashion each day, access of such information via magazines, media and mostly the internet has prompted many young people especially women to practice what they see or read so as to improve their looks. New (2008) explains that some have gone too the extent of starving themselves so as to have […]

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Introduction Giving incentives to people or even lowering insurance costs for people so that they can improve or maintain a healthy living or lifestyle is not a permanent solution for health problems. According to the description, HMO focused on measurable health risks behaviors that results into an increase of blood sugar, pressure and cholesterol in […]

Concept of Geriatric Dehydration

Abstract Dehydration is a common health care problem in geriatric patients. The complexity of socio-medical problems and the interaction of risk factors add to the problem. An understanding of the problem volume, pathophysiology, and diagnosis, should enable the geriatric nurse to design and implement an individualized intervention plan. The aim of this thesis is to […]

The Danger of Leaving a Child in a Hot Car in Florida

A few parents leave their child in the car. This act may lead to death of the baby. Since the 1990s, many hot car deaths have taken place in Florida. Appropriate precautions should be taken to avoid hot car death. Average temperature in Florida is 80 degree Fahrenheit (F). Between 1998 and 2012, 61 incidents […]

Traditional and Alternative Education in America

Education is considered to be necessary in bringing up an individual, a personality. Alongside with commonly accepted traditional education, there exists nontraditional one. Surely, their conceptions and methods are different. Both are trying to make its system as effective, as possible, but there can be no perfect educational system. One of drawbacks of traditional educational […]

Educational Experiences And Significant Career Goals

Here’s an invitation to my world; as a child, l grew up in a free environment where one could discover and let themselves loose. One day, as we were with my playmates sprinkling water at each other from a nearby stream, one of us saw a frog. I wanted to see what was beneath its […]

The Most Advanced Best Practices in Adult ESL Instruction

Overview of practices in adult ESL instruction Language teaching has emerged as an independent professional discipline in recent times with unique concept methods that outline a systematic teaching methodology for acquisition of language theories and practices. Language learning constitutes the concept of applied linguistics with relevant formulation and methodologies. Methods applied in language teaching exemplify […]

Family`s Factors Shaping Children`s Behavior

During the lifespan, an individual passes through several stages of his/her development characterized by different processes. These phases of the evolution are critical for the formation of a person and his/her becoming a personality with all qualities needed for the efficient functioning within the contemporary society. The period of childhood is one of these stages. […]

Information Technology Enabled Online Learning

Introduction Technology advancement and application has been in application in almost all fields of the economy. Technology is associated with both positive and negative effects according to a specific situation and what it is able to achieve. Information Technology – enabled online learning is utilized in learning institutions. It entails the use of different technologies […]

Course Evaluation Methods

Introduction According to Redman, Lenburg and Walker (1999), nurse educators face several challenges. For instance, nursing students have the assumption that nurse educators will teach them essential knowledge and skills to gain competency in nursing. Nurse graduate employers presume that qualifications and subsequent state licenses are granted because they meet competency requirements. These assumptions have […]

Identify World Music Terms

Indonesia Instruments Rebab: It is a fiddle with two strings. It’s mainly found within Muslim nations. Gambang: Is an instrument that resembles a xylophone. It’s made of wood and is commonly used in the Southern Philippines and Indonesia. Suling: A bamboo flute used by Indonesians in gamelan ensembles. Kendang: A traditional Indonesian music instrument that […]

Sounds of Life: The Role of Music

Music is one of the most influential aspects of life in society. I am yet to come across an individual who does not like music at all. Different people listen to different genres of music; a scenario that shows how different we are (Diserens 1939, pp.6). The types of music people listen to differ not […]

Music Therapy and Pain Management

Pragmatic approach towards understanding music therapy in post-operative pain management is twofold: meta-analysis of evidence-based research papers and randomized controlled experimental analysis. Databases like Article First, Medline, ScienceDirect, LexisNexis, PsychInfo can be used to identify scholarly research articles and those presenting empirical studies should be short-listed. For randomized controlled study, 24 hour post-operative patients (n […]

Concert Essays: Music

Introduction Nowadays, it would prove rather impossible to find many people not appreciative of music in one way or another. The reason for this is that the activity of listening to music has always been deemed as an integral part of one’s upbringing – something that in its turn is best explained by the societal […]

Music History: Joseph Haydn

Introduction The world of classical music is far-reaching in different masterpieces. Thereupon, the work of Joseph Haydn cannot be underestimated. His The Creation is acknowledged worldwide to be one of the most glorious works in the musical legacy of the mankind. In fact, such idea is supported by the implementation of huge industriousness, perseverance, and […]

Food Additives

Abstract Food additives such as salt, sugar and vinegar have been traditionally used for the preservation of foods. A majority of food additives that are used to preserve foods are believed to be safe but the possibility of carcinogenic and toxic qualities of food additives cannot be ruled out or ignored. Certain food additives are […]

Assessing Students with Learning Problems

1. Bennie earned a stanine of 3 on an intelligence test. To what standard score (on an IQ scale) and percentile score would that stanine correspond? A stanine of 3 represents one of the lowest scores at the scale of 9 that is below average. This test score can be discussed as corresponding to the […]

Alaska Natives Diet

Introduction The Alaska Natives are one of the oldest tribes in America. The Alaska Natives have retained their culture up-to-date in spite of their interactions with the wider American society. Studies have indicated that over 5 million people who live in the United States are identified as either American Indians or Alaska Natives, regardless of […]

Going Green-Saving the Environment

Currently, there is evidence of extreme weather changes and global catastrophes due to global warming, environmental pollution, erosion, depletion of natural resources, and diminution of the ozone layer. As a result, the planet earth is dying little by little because studies show that the plants, animals, rain forests, and water sources that were once the […]

Food Allergies and Obesity

Food allergies and their correlation to obesity have been examined by different research studies and important conclusions have been put forward by various studies. This short research paper will examine how food allergies can lead to food addiction that can cause obesity in individuals suffering from these allergies. It is a common perception amongst women […]

Concept of Social Inequality

Abstract Human society is a phenomenon that has its own advantages and disadvantages, and one of the major disadvantages of it is the eternal division of people into classes, whether they are social or racial. People have always tried to find those who are lower, as they considered, than them in a social status and […]

Environmental Pollution (Fresh Water)

With the development of civilization, one of the more important concerns that are fast becoming a major threat is pollution and no form of pollution seemed to be bigger than that of fresh water pollution. Thus, the focal point of this dissertation is based on the factors and affects of the fresh water pollution. Within […]

The World Problem: Famine

Famine is a global problem affected developing countries. The main causes of famine are low income and low developed economies. It is known that among the developed countries, increases in per-capita food production since the 1950s have generally moved upward in tandem with increases in total food production. Among the developing countries, per-capita food production […]

Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse of Children

The “Child Abuse” is the term given to the violent actions of adults in or out of a family against children. In such abuse, children may also participate unwillingly or willingly under coercion, force, threat or any other reason to let this act of abuse happen. This sexual abuse can be of physical or mental […]

Problem of World Poverty

The term ‘poverty’ has almost become synonymous in association with the greater population of the third world, that is, countries that are currently considered either developing or under-developed, especially in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Oceania in respect to their economies (Marie, 2002). The term ‘World poverty’ would therefore essentially simply refer to poverty around […]

Hispanic Cuban Americans’ Cultural Heritage and Traditions

Introduction The theme of this paper is about my Hispanic Cuban family. I am a resident of the U.S., and of Antilles descent. I am 41 years old and hail from a middle-class family. I am a Christian, of heterosexual inclinations and without any physical or mental disability. In this paper, I describe my culture, […]

Concept of Natural Legal Crime

Our legal system is set up with the innate goal to protect, as the old adage goes, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As citizens of this country we put our faith in the system and trust that the laws are based on rationale and justice and exist to protect us. Determining the nature […]

War and Diplomacy

War and Diplomacy, the two tactics of different nations through the ages have been used very effectively throughout history. While some people felt that Diplomacy was the best means to avoid war, some statesmen felt that was war was the only solution to settling disputes with other countries. Otto Von Bismarck – 1815 – 1898, […]

The Phenomenon of The Use of Prescription Drugs

Introduction Prescription drugs are drugs that are issued under prescription from a medical practitioner. The need to have a prescription before the drugs are acquired is usually applied in order to prevent illegal distribution, and effective use of such medicine. Unlike prescription drugs, Over-The-Counter drugs can be acquired without a prescription and are readily sold […]

Aids and Other Social Viruses

Introduction Aids is a disease which was discovered in the early 1980’s and is believed to have originated in Central Africa from a virus that had been existence in certain monkey species for over fifty thousand years. Since its discovery in US in1981, the virus has spread rapidly. The US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) […]

A Research of Breast Cancer Survival

Summary/Abstract We know the cancer of breast tissue as Breast cancer. It has reported too that breast cancer affects woman ageing of any age at least in the western world. Breast cancer is supposed to be the most fatal cancer for women only to be holding second place after lung cancer. In general sense, there […]

Diffusion of Innovations

In the article, Applying Diffusion of Innovation Theory to Intervention Development, Dearing (2009) investigated the diffusion theory by focusing on seven key issues – “intervention attributes, intervention clusters, demonstration projects, societal sectors, reinforcing contextual conditions, opinion leadership, and intervention adaptation” (p. 503). He found out that these issues accelerated the speed of adopting public health […]

Globe Environment Communities

The defining factors of a prosperous society in the modern-day era has been the level of industrial and technological achievement from which that society derives a certain degree of economic success and creates the trappings of what is known as the “modern-day lifestyle.” Organizations all over the world continue to strive to reach this supposed […]

Concept of IT Security

Ensuring the security of information does not entail securing the servers and the network only. Physical security of the organization is paramount in ensuring the IT security. When I got to the company, it did not have proper physical security measures for its equipments. Employees could access the server room at their pleasure. This compromised […]

The Implication of Information Technology on Marketing Strategy of Healthcare Industry

Abstract The growth of information technology has transformed marketing strategies of most industries. In the healthcare industry, IT has changed the way marketers relate with customers. Information technology has made it easy for the healthcare industry to create brand awareness and enlighten the public on health matters. Many hospitals create persuasive information and share it […]

The Impact of Electronic Medical Records

Information technology is transforming the world from the large volumes of files in the offices to a paper free environment and health care sector is not left behind given the advantages attached to this technology. Electronic medical records can simply be defined as digital medical records –i.e. medical records stored in computers. Although electronic medical […]

“The Cold War: A New History” a Book by John Lewis Gaddis

In the book The Cold War: A New History, John Lewis Gaddis proposes a unique vision of the Cold War and its impact on the world and relations between the USSR and America. The book consists of seven chapters devoted to different aspects of the Cold War and relations between the world states. The caution […]

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