Cartoon of American Flag in Take Your Choice signifies the controversy of the United States’ approach in the global arena during the presidency of William McKinley. It is critically important because the president was deliberately promoting imperialism, whereas William Jennings Bryan opposed it.


American Flag imagery is demonstrated in the picture alongside the president McKinley, Bryan, Uncle Sam, and unidentified individual. The image shows how Uncle Sam and a man observing Bryan chopping down the American Flag in the cartoon, while McKinley is raising it.

The Spanish-American War was the first major US military action as a world imperialist power. For Spain, the defeat was a painful blow to national pride, indicating the backwardness of the country. Despite the correctness of the actions of the Spanish Government and the approximate behavior of the people, until the last minute there was not the slightest reason for any complaints from the American representation in Spain, the case of international predation, insidiously undertaken by American politicians and financiers, is now being completed, and unhappy Spain is involved in a hopeless a war from which it must inevitably come out reduced, devastated and demoralized, thus cruelly paying for the criminal negligence and mistakes of its own Applicants’ and the corruption of its colonial administration.

However, the Spanish people should also be fair in that they bear with touching humility and humility all the hardships and trials that befell him, and with extraordinary firmness reach the consequences of patriotic decisions made by the government in the name of the national honor of Spain.