Hitler firmly believed that Jews were the main reason for global economic downfalls due to their increased influence of the capital. In addition, Hitler hated Jews due to the notion that Jews undermined strong national traditions of German people and their way of life.


The party’s hostile attitude towards Jews was aggravated by the fact that Jewish capital, which played a prominent role in German banking, trade, and industry, was sometimes a serious competitor to German national capital, and that, like the German right-wing political circles, was interested in eliminating rivals.

Hitler’s hatred towards Jews because he thought that they undermining German national traditions, German statehood and the foundations of the economic life of the German nation.

The wide international relations of Jewish capital, as well as of politicians of Jewish nationality, including with the industrial and political circles of the countries that the Nazis declared the original enemies of Germany, gave Hitler and his entourage an occasion for wide propaganda of the thesis about the worldwide Masonic conspiracy, which purportedly aims to establish over humanity Jewish domination.

Considering the national question through the prism of primitive social Darwinism, Hitler and his supporters transferred the laws of the struggle of species inherent in the animal world to public life. Hitler disliked Jews, thus, substantiated Nazi policy of genocide against them and other peoples by declaring them as “inferior.”

On the Jewish question, the Nazis assigned an important role in manipulating the consciousness of the broad masses of Germans. By creating the image of the “internal enemy” in the person of the Jews and declaring them the source of all the troubles of the nation, Hitler and his entourage led people away from understanding the real causes of the difficulties that Germany was experiencing.