The First Bull Run started with a seemingly positive result for the Union. However, things took a sharp turn when the Confederates pushed harder than the Union expected. The success experienced by Confederates can be attributed to their intelligence gathering system. Communication was top notch during the First Bull Run and this is what made this side stronger.

The Union attacked the Confederates in a surprise ambush. Their tactic would have worked wasn’t it for the poor communication between inexperienced and naïve soldiers. They had the numbers, they had the element of surprise and they also were in the same league as the defense soldiers. The main reason why they lost the battle was the quick communication between Confederate leaders and their soldiers. The Confederate realized that the ambush was a fake, and the Union was buying time to attack them from another side. On hearing this, their commander took 900 naïve soldiers into the woods and they waited for the Union soldiers to march through. Their counter surprise attack shook the foundation of the Union soldiers who were too scared to fight that they ran back to Washington DC.

It is crucial to mention that other military organization prowess exhibited by the Union also helped them win the battle. For instance, they were faster, had more passion and had already sent for reinforcements.