Patrick “Pat” Farrah is an American former retail executive who is a co-founder of Home Depot, America’s famous retail giant.


Thanks to Pat Farrah’s merchandising skills, he became famous in the retail domain and was a significant figure in the growth of the USA’s niche firm. Born in Southern California, Pat Farrah dropped out of college in the first year and got a job in National Lumber and Supply Company in Los Angeles. With the growth of the company, Farrah’s career also developed, and he became an executive vice president and general manager. However, in 1977, he left the company because of disagreements.

In 1978, Farrah opened his own big box home improvement company named Homeco. At the same time, Bernard Marcus and Arthur Blank wanted to start a Home Depot and planned to buy Homeco. When Homeco faced financial issues and went out of business, they hired Farrah as a chief merchandising officer. Home Depot was a retail company that provided services and sold tools and products related to home construction and management.

Under the guidance of Pat Farrah, Home Depot worked in such areas as janitor services, MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations), logistics, home automation, and security services. After Farrah quit his job in Home Depot in the 2000s, he opened an eating joint with Mike Leeper. The new business named Lucky Beaver that Farrah started gathered a lot of support because of the popularity of the founder’s name. The highlight of the menu was a Black Label burger, which is known as the tastiest and most expensive burger.