The correct option in this question is answer C (though an international clean-up is needed, the solution is not as simple as cleaning laundry).


“Homework” by Allen Ginsberg presents the reader with a paradox, defined as a statement that is simultaneously logically valid and self-contradictory. It portrays none of the world’s countries as perfect and states that a clean-up is necessary everywhere.
The “clean-up” refers to the resolution of the various issues that plague each nation and result from humanity’s progress, such as pollution and other environmental damage to both nature and our cultural heritage.

Parhenon Frieze after damage due to acid rains and subsequent cleaning.
Parhenon Frieze after damage due to acid rains and subsequent cleaning (Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk)

However, the global nature of the damage means that focusing on change within nations is not sufficient to improve the situation. Therefore, in his poem, Ginsberg speaks of cleaning various geographic locations and natural objects, such as the Mediterranean Sea and the North Pole.

Laundry can be handled using a small variety of supplies and a washing machine, but humanity’s situation is more complicated. As such, it is essential for people to come together and solve the issues.