The correct answer is B (liver).


The main function of the liver is to filter the blood that arrives from the digestive systems before it can enter other parts of the body. Thus, when people drink alcohol, the liver’s primary responsibility is eliminating ethanol from the bloodstream.

In the case of alcohol overdose, this process may take longer, and the person will experience severe intoxication, whereas drinking moderate alcohol consumption decreases the chances of ethanol staying in the bloodstream for too long.

Liver in the human's body.
Liver Function, Disease and Symptoms (Source: https://hhp-blog.s3.amazonaws.com)

Because of the liver’s function in alcohol metabolism, liver disease can become a result of regular alcohol consumption.

For example, fatty liver is an early manifestation of liver disease, which can develop into inflammation and cirrhosis. Increased cortisol as a result of regular alcohol consumption can increase the risks of liver disease.