The 12 steps of group recovery are important for two major reasons. First, they have a high rate of effectiveness in treating drug addicts and changing their lives. Secondly, they are free and available at any time and place because all communities have the 12 step groups. Patients move very quickly from addiction to recovery, and in most cases they take about 3-6 months and put emphasis on behavior change and relationships in addition to therapeutic measures. The spiritual component of the 12 step stages of recovery is important in providing motivation and spiritual support to the addicts. In most cases, a lack of spiritual support leads to relapse and re-addiction even in cases where the patient was on progress towards recovery. However, such a program might either compete with or complement the work of a counselor. It may compete with the counselor’s work in case the counselor or the patient does not lean towards religion. The spiritual component of the process is largely leaned towards the belief in God or some powerful nature. The process may also complement the counselor’s work because most patients need spiritual assurance of recovery, even in cases where other methods of treatment are in use.