Lee and Davis have been described as the best leaders of the Confederate side. The two were, however, very different in terms of strategy and deployment. Whereas Lee was calculating and liked open communication, Davis has been described as dictatorial. Lee would often take time to understand his opponents, the field and at the same time analyze their strengths and weaknesses. This made Lee very good in planned battles but very poor in surprise attacks. On the contrary, the dictatorial nature of Davis allowed him to be good at surprise attacks as compared to planned attacks.

The difference in views would at times prove disastrous in the barracks as the soldiers did not know which strategy to follow. Here are the two different views of the war that Lee and Davis expressed. One can denote that there is one personality who has been described as superior to the other. Lee was a more strategic leader, thus, many of his techniques were better than those of Davis. Additionally, Davis suffered more losses than Lee, even though he also took on more battles.