American Handgunner is a 110 plus pages magazine dedicated to handguns and all related shooting products. The magazine is published by FMG Publications and targeted at the consumer magazine sector of the market. It is positioning itself as the world’s best handgun magazine.


The magazine industry is dependent on market segmentation that can be based on different criteria. The first and most overt criterion is geographic location. According to it, American Handgunner is distributed and read within the territory of the United States. Secondly, as per gender and demographic segmentation, the magazine can be clustered as the title for all people who are interested in target shooting, hunting, and arms, with middle-aged male prevailing.

Although American Handgunner is offered to a relatively homogenous market, it can also be clustered on the basis of psychographic criterion as a magazine targeted at middle-class consumers seeking adrenaline hobby. However, nowadays, the audience of the magazine is getting more diversified, including women and youth. Consequently, the magazine has special offers for these categories of the audience. It is sold directly to the public by subscription and digitally.

American Handgunner exists for 45 years and offers ten regular columns: Speak Out, Insights into IPSC, Cop Talk, Siluetas, Handgun hunting, Handloading, Pistolsmithing, NLA Legislative Review, Leatham’s Column, and Industry Insider. Besides, being an advertising space, the magazine offers press releases of new handguns, knives, and gear, as well as featured history and handgun hunting articles. In an endeavor to go beyond the outlined scope, the magazine is teaming up with gun manufacturers to design and sell firearms.