Terry is facing the problem of a troubling conscience and facing his fear. He witnessed a murder in which Joey was killed by being thrown off a roof. The murderers got away with their actions because nobody in the Waterfront was willing to talk. The workers had a code of silence and their unscrupulous bosses took advantage of them by paying them peanuts. Terry falls in love with the deceased sister’s Edie. She is determined to find her brother’s killers and enlists the help of Terry. However, he is unwilling, to tell the truth, because he wants to protect his brother Charley. The preaching from father Barry rings in his mind and makes him restless as the father condemns those who keep silent and let evil reign in the Waterfront. He is afraid of losing the love of Edie if she finds out that he was an accomplice in her brother’s death. Finally, he faces his fears and speaks against the union.