TurboTax is one of the most popular tax return software. One of the advantages of this tax program is the availability of live chat for a free consultation and an additional audit.


TurboTax.com is an online product from Intuit, one of the most famous companies in the USA. Scott Cook is the Intuit founder who organized a brainstorming session to improve the company’s leading products.

For years, the team only thought about how to improve the TurboTax built-in questionnaire, where customers answered questions and substituted the necessary data when filling out a tax return. However, the lack of a clear understanding of what kind of work customers hire their product categorically prevented the distinction between what functions are required. The purpose of this issue is to define the advantages of TurboTax software.

TurboTax is the most convenient service for filing a tax return due to the many tips and pop-up reminders, and the interface is worth using it without any brain efforts. Half of the companies in the USA use accounting programs for this tax service.

Nevertheless, for many years, the company threw full support behind the long-term goal, but not the one that was most needed by customers who did not want to work with the questionnaire. Users did not want to enter their data at all; they hired TurboTax to fill out a tax return.

One of the practical decisions of the company was to fill out tax returns without having to answer any questions and enter data. TurboTax can equally well be presented on all mobile devices. The advantage is that users are allowed to use the full functionality of mobile versions of the tax service, regardless of the equipment selected. It has a responsive site with server-side elements. URLs allow users to access full functionality through multiple screens.