The spoils system is the provision of posts and privileges of the winning party to supporters for services during the election. The Spoils system consists in the fact that the country’s winning president places all adherents in government positions. It is an efficient and effective system of power retention.


The spoils system is based on alternative methods, criteria for recruiting civil servants and determining the suitability of an individual for the performance of public service duties. The designation of an individual’s suitability for the production of public service duties may be based on the confidence of the decision-maker in the identity of the candidate. The other basis may be a professionally organized and legally fixed checking procedure for the skills which are necessary to perform specific duties.

In the first case, a public service system is based on the criterion of the loyalty of city officials that is their devotion to the current state order. In the second case, the main principle in the recruitment of civil service personnel is the competence of employees. It is considered to be the ability to fulfill the assigned duties and effectively apply the rights presented to them.

In the spoils system, the qualifications of a civil employee are also an attractive factor for the head of state but without being the determining criterion. A more critical point is the ability of the leader to perform real control over an individual. The system of organization of training and selection of civil service personnel requires compulsory specialized education along with general knowledge.