A mercenary is a person who engages in armed conflict not from ideological, national, political considerations, does not belong to any ideological group interested in the outcome of the conflict, and not in accordance with military duty, but for personal gain.


In order to understand the definition of a mercenary person, it is important to note that a mercenary is specifically recruited locally or abroad in order to fight in armed conflict. He actually takes a direct part in hostilities in order to fight in this conflict. This is a person who is involved in an armed conflict or hostilities, who are directly involved in hostilities.

He takes part in hostilities, guided mainly by the desire to receive personal gain and to whom the person acting in order to obtain material compensation in order to extract personal goals. The mercenary is in fact promised by the party or on behalf of the party to the conflict material rewards significantly exceeding the rewards promised or paid to combatants of the same rank and functions that are members of the armed forces of that party.

In addition, in order to give proper explanation to the question what is a mercenary person, it critical to understand that a mercenary is neither a citizen of a party to a conflict, nor a person permanently residing in a territory controlled by a party to a conflict. A mercenary is not part of the armed forces of a party to the conflict and is not sent by a state that is not a party to the conflict to perform official duties as a member of its armed forces.

The definition of material compensation does not cause difficulties and is the most obvious sign of a mercenary in theory, but not in practice. Material reward means the receipt by a mercenary for his work, the activity of money or any other material values, of property benefits.