Customer service is a process of meeting the demands and expectations of customers and keeping them as satisfied as possible. Employees working in customer service are expected to answer questions and resolve arising issues positively, with the satisfaction of clients being the key priority. Support departments ensure that customers become loyal and return.


When answering the question of “what does great customer service mean to you?” clients usually consider a wide range of elements involved in interactions with companies. Customers expect to be met with a positive attitude and efficiency, and they need support teams to have excellent product awareness and problem-solving skills.

Rules for good customer service
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Employers may also ask the question, “what does exceptional customer service mean to you?” when hiring personnel that would work with clients. This question is important because answering it will reveal the attitude of a potential worker toward their contribution to the company. Employers also ask the question because they want to determine whether a definition of customer service aligns with the expectations of an organization. When the perceptions align, an employee will be hired to the company and work toward the improvement of customer services.

Since positive brand reputations influence the satisfaction of customers, considering what does good customer service mean to you in the context of customer service work is imperative. The question is multi-dimensional and involves a range of components, both on the part of customers and professionals working with them.