Glittering generalities is a method of propaganda, which implies vague words or statements that have an emotional appeal on people without providing specific grounds. Such words usually have a positive effect on people as they identify high-valued ideas and define the general concept of the glittering generalities.


As a rule, most of the current glittering generalities advertisements use the labels or flashy phrases that immediately attract oneself, which subconsciously obliges a viewer to buy the advertised product, as it seems to be effective.

Companies worldwide use several propaganda techniques in order to draw the attention of readers and viewers for a sale enhancement. Glittering generalities propaganda is commonly implemented by political and advertisement campaigns to influence the target audience without any evident reasons.

The basic principle of glittering generalities indicates the use of the right words that are emotionally appealing and generally have a positive undertone on the audience. Such words sparkle on the surface and catch the eye of the viewers, since they are designed to successfully persuade them, however, they have no real meaning to reflect on.

Therefore, one might accept and admire these labels without any exploration. Hence, most politicians and advertisers apply this propaganda technique for convincing the audience to purchase their products, to support them in their matter, or to make people do something that everyone else is doing.

Glittering generalities are perceived as an emotionally appealing term closely linked with highly-valued notions and beliefs that reveal assurance without supporting information or reason. The glittering generalities techniques include attractive, but vague words that make a message look good without saying anything in particular.

Furthermore, it involves the use of linguistic patterns such as alliteration, metaphor, and reversals; words that concern values and provoke powerful emotions, as well as intangible nouns that represent ideals. Altogether, they define glittering generalities propaganda.