The tax return is a document that is filled by a taxpayer every year in order to show all the details about the incomes and expenses of an individual or an institution. This document allows taxpayers to calculate taxes that are paid to the government depending on the number of income.


The tax return is sent to the special state agency, which is called the International Revenue Service (IRS). IRS ensures the stable operation of the tax system in the USA. When the IRS says that a tax return has been received and is being processed, it means that the company confirms the receipt of the form and the process of its review has started.

There are three main components of the tax return form that helps to gather all the necessary information in order to process the return. These parts include income, deductions, and tax credits. He income section consists of all the sources of a taxpayer’s revenue, such as salaries, profits, capital additions, and more. The deductions part comprises the information on the reasons for declining tax debts. The tax credits section contains information about the sums of duty and tax credits owed by taxpayers.

After the IRS receives the tax return from taxpayers, the agency accepts the document if it is filled in a proper way and the status of the form becomes “Return Approved.” Once the return is approved, IRS processes the refunds, which usually takes up to 21 days if the tax returns were emailed and 6 to 8 weeks if the forms were mailed. The change of status from “return received” to “return approved” can take a few days or longer, depending on the workload of IRS officers. Once the refund is issued, the status of a taxpayer changes for “refund sent.” Usually, it takes up to 5 working days for financial institutions to deposit funds into taxpayers’ accounts.