A sweet taste can hide the taste of alcohol so answer B is the correct one.


Most of the energy drinks that people use as mixers are very sweet because they contain a lot of artificial sweeteners. These help to hide the taste of alcohol and makes drinking easier for those not used to the taste.

Energy drinks and alcohol.
Source: https://en.lifeder.com

The other statements are, in fact, untrue.

Carbonated soft drinks increase the rate of alcohol consumption because it forces ethanol to enter the bloodstream by raising stomach pressure.

Caffeine, which is contained in red bull and other energy drinks, masks the effect of alcohol on the nervous system, making the person more alert. However, in this state, people often become unaware of how much alcohol they’ve had, so statement C is also false.

Sugar in mixers also interacts with alcohol and can decrease its absorption into the bloodstream, as found by a recent study.