The correct option is false: toxins from pathogenic bacteria cannot be destroyed by freezing or cooking.


Pathogenic bacteria are bacteria that can cause disease in humans. They can come from the most common food products such as meat, milk, and eggs and are often water-borne.

Now that pathogenic bacteria are becoming increasingly deadly, it is essential to know how to handle them and stay safe. Before you eat something, you need to make sure that the bacteria and their toxins are destroyed and, thus, prevent yourself from becoming sick.

The problem is that some of the harmful microorganisms can withstand extremely high and extremely low temperatures, making it impossible to disinfect food by freezing or frying it. It is nigh on impossible to guess what type of bacteria inhabits your food without doing a laboratory test. So it is better to check twice where you get your groceries from and stick to sanitary guidelines.

Meat is fried at high temperatures.
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