Glenn Frey was the vocalist and guitarist for the band, replacing one of the previous performers. This happened in the early 70s of the 20th century, and before that, he was already known as one of the many purposeful and promising members of small bands. Glenn became part of The Eagles after an invitation advised by the leading singer from the band manager.


Glenn Frey was responsible not only for lead vocals and guitar parts in the Eagles but also for the lyrics. He is the author of most hits of the band. Under his leadership, the Eagles have won many musical awards and forever become legends in the world of rock music.

Frey’s former colleagues in numerous interviews and documentaries noted that Glenn brought the necessary mood to the group and created many distinctive aspects of their performance. In his personal career, Glenn Frey was also able to succeed in the music and film fields. Glenn Frey perfectly captured the musical trends of that time and developed and promoted the country-rock genre to incredible heights.

At the beginning of his musical career, Frey was looking for interested people in Hollywood to implement his work. Having formed a band with other beginning performers from Detroit and Texas, he sang and played songs in local music venues. One day, Linda Ronstadt, one of the key figures in the country genre and girlfriend of one of the Frey’s band members, met Glenn. Then, after a successful interview with her band manager, Glenn Frey became a member of the famous team.