Tenement houses are the buildings that have many apartments and the entrance to which is possible through auxiliary premises, usually the main entrance.


The issue of tenements has originated centuries ago in history, and since then, this concept has changed and received substantial attention. Tenements aimed to solve the problem of providing the roof over the head for as many people as possible in a small residential territory. Various publications that introduced the difficulties of tenement housing revealed unfavorable conditions of families living in those crowded buildings. Different photos were taken to portray the horrors of this way of living, raise awareness, and portray the need for a change. Tenements started to be associated with poor housing that is not suitable for life, which created a demand for the reform. Consequently, at the end of the 1920s, in New York, a “Multiple Dwelling Law” was activated, which dramatically shaped the tenement housing presence in the state and led to the destruction of numerous tenements.

Tenement houses are located in various residential areas around the country. The primary problem with these types of homes is the size. Tenement buildings provide tiny areas for living, which creates many inconveniences and prevents the residents from having comfortable conditions. Besides, those houses did not have a sufficient number of proper windows, which minimized the air ventilation and made the living surroundings more negative. Another severe problematic issue of tenement housing is sanitation because it is almost impossible to achieve its proper levels under the provided circumstances. Tenement housing raises many debates and has a lot of history behind, even though this concept is still widely present today.

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