An excellent teacher should be able to address a wide range of skills in a classroom. There are five pivotal skills and attributes needed to be an outstanding teacher:

  1. being enthusiastic about for a subject;
  2. effective use of body language;
  3. being a lifelong learner in education;
  4. having knowledge of various communication styles;
  5. being able to maintain classroom discipline.


The future of human civilization depends on professional qualities of a teacher, and his/her interpersonal skills. However, teachers, unlike schools and programs, are more difficult to assess using common standards and attributes. Various features can make teachers loved and allow them to be remembered for a lifetime. Some teacher’s skills get prominence over the others due to their extensive use in the day-to-day teaching activity.

First of all, teachers must have an enthusiasm for their subject because if they do not have it, they are not going to communicate that enthusiasm to others. Any teacher needs to develop a positive attitude of students to the learning process, as well as increase their self-esteem in cognitive activity. Teachers should think about the content of the lesson, as well as the students’ interests. It is necessary to be able to motivate students, obtain their attention, and make them mentally alert. It can be done through inspirational speech and a positive attitude to current problems.

Moreover, one of the criteria of an outstanding teacher is the effective use of body language. Gestures, body movements, appropriate outfit, smile, and eye contact are required to make a good impression on children. It is possible to note that around 55% goes to body language, which includes gestures, postures, hand movements, facial expressions, and even sitting positions. It is not an exaggeration to say that nonverbal communication speaks louder than words.

The third quality of a good teacher is a flexible attitude to changing circumstances, first of all, to changes in the educational system. A good teacher is satisfied with his/her life but does not standstill. He/she needs to be a lifelong learner in education and strives for success in his/her career. They should have professional and personal goals that they want to achieve to enhance the quality of the learning process.

The ability to set a friendly and safe atmosphere in the class is also a significant attribute that may contribute to student performance. Firstly, the teacher should take into account that students communicate and think differently. Therefore, he/she has to know various communication styles in order to bridge the gap and speak the students’ language. It is also essential to build a safe environment in the classroom that builds trust and respect and lends everyone open to thinking differently.

The fifth criterion for “outstanding teaching” is the ability to maintain discipline in the class. Without following the rules of correct behavior, it will be impossible for the teacher to implement an educational curriculum and achieve professional success. Every experienced teacher knows that the best way to make children listen and respect the teacher is to involve students in work. During the lesson, the teacher should monitor each student and skillfully control their attention.

A professional teacher is the only person who, for most of his/her time, is involved in raising and educating children. The skills and attributes of an outstanding teacher mentioned above are necessary to be a professional in the teaching process and have the ability to contribute to students’ development.