Substance use is not a common phenomenon in Japan. This could be due to the tough laws regarding substance use in the country. For instance, a person may get a prison sentence of 10 years for using stimulants, and a life imprisonment for selling drugs. On the other hand, Egypt has a history of drug abuse. Most drugs that get transported to European countries pass through Egypt. However, the country has strict laws that regulate substance abuse. The implementation of such laws fails because of corruption among top government officials and medical professionals. Lastly, substance abuse in Australia is not common. Over 60% of Australians have never used drugs. However, the Australian laws on drugs allow the use of some drugs such as khat and tobacco. However, the age of persons who can access such drugs gets limited to 18 years.

Table showing the percentage number of reported addicts in different countries
Country % of Reported Addicts
Japan 2.4
Egypt 8.5
Australia 8.0