The Mayans are located in South America in Guatemala and Mexico. The dominant religion among them is Christianity. The earlier Mayans believed in a recurring nature of instances. Smaller portions of present Maya are found in Belize and Western parts of Honduras and El Salvador. The earlier Maya had a state that was led by an heir leader called “ajaw”. They lived in kingdoms. The dominant mode of production amongst the Maya has been farming, mainly corn growing. But they are turning to road construction for cash. The Mayans hold their women to high status in their society. This is demonstrated for example during labor when they are about to give birth. The man has to be by her side to “see her suffer”. Among the Mayans, the women are very active in market trade. They also sell corn they reap to the nearby city. Their families operate in a manner that godparent hood means increased status in their society. They initially lived in villages but are now diversifying due to increased pressure from outside influences. Initially, the Mayans used to use life-ending means to solve serious issues.