The Basseri are found in Fars Province of Iran. They migrate to the mountains of Shiraz. The dominant religion is Islam. They are headed by a Chief who wields vast authority over the people. There are also headmen for smaller groups who help the Chief with his duties. The dominant mode of production among the people is nomadic pastoralists. They rely on livestock for upkeep mainly through wool production as well as milk and meat. The men are regarded as the head of the household and are dominant over the women. The inhabitants of a “tent” have property rights over impermanent property such as the flocks of sheep and goats. The Basseri acquire wool from their camels and milk from their goats as well as hides from their flocks which they consume or trade for other goods. The nuclear family is the dominant family structure among the Basseri. Affinal relations are positively regarded. However, patrilineal relationships are also applicable in their way of life.