One way that campaign workers communicate information during a campaign is by “canvassing”.


Canvassing is the practice of door to door visits to the homes of people to spread a campaign’s information. It is often employed in political campaigns, where the party’s representative or election candidate can engage voters directly. However, in general, canvassing is carried out by volunteer workers or hired agents to improve the reach of the campaign using numbers.

A Canvassing Agent Engaging a Person
A Canvassing Agent Engaging a Person (Source: https://www.ecanvasser.com)

Canvassing campaigns are more effective at engaging small sections of the population than collecting information or enacting large-scale change. However, they can lead to significant individual results and are, therefore, often used for fundraising and recruitment. As such, even though online methods may be changing the landscape for election campaign communication, canvassing is likely to remain an essential campaigning method, especially for smaller entities.