The correct answer is A.


People who live with chronic illness often have to take many medications, some of which may interact with other drugs. Additionally, symptoms of certain conditions may be misdiagnosed as alcohol intoxication, and the person would be treated incorrectly.

In case of an emergency, paramedics are required to make quick decisions regarding treatment. If they do not have complete information about a person’s health condition, they might fail at treating the patient or make things worse.

Medical alert bracelet.
Source: https://www.medicalert.ca

Medical alert bracelets, such as MedicAlert, are pieces of jewelry that may be worn by people with dangerous conditions. The engraving on such bracelets contains information about the patient’s condition and medications, as well as other important details.

Employees who call medical services or attempt to help customers with a medic alert bracelet should note the information included on it. For example, if a customer has epilepsy, some first aid techniques can be used before the paramedics arrive.