The correct option, in this case, is D (actively advocates the idea of fighting for equal treatment).


“Democracy” is a poem by the African American poet Langston Hughes that was first published in 1949. It deals with the oppressed status of his minority at the time, as many discriminatory policies were still in effect at the time. The civil rights movement was not fully active, but people such as Hughes laid the foundation for its emergence, which happened soon afterward.

Langston Hughes Alongside a Quote from One of His Poems.
Langston Hughes Alongside a Quote from One of His Poems (Source: https://2.bp.blogspot.com)

Hughes was dissatisfied with the situation of the African American community at the time and did not believe that the situation would improve with time. He opposed the idea of seeking a compromise or waiting before starting the protests. The poet proposed active and immediate efforts to fight for freedom and equality for oppressed minorities, which is why option D is the correct one.