Although other modern forms of advertising have emerged, TV advertising is still vibrant in promoting goods and services in various targeted markets. Quite a large segment of the global population obtains information from Television sets. For instance, TV offers a ready platform for entertaining viewers who are spread across a wide geographical area. In most cases, it is possible to bombard the audience with advertising news even when they are not prepared for it. Since TV advertising entails both audio and visual aspects, it remains one of the most effective channels of advertising goods and services.

The advent of cable TV was once thought to be a major threat to effective TV advertising. However, this has never been the case. Since digital TV broadcasting has become mandatory across several nations in the world, the audience can still be reached through cable TV just as it used to be with analog broadcasting. It might not be true to argue that TV viewership is losing its value to the public because some households even prefer owning two to three sets.

Advertising through TV is a rather expensive undertaking. Nevertheless, embedded advertisements can still be incorporated in movies displayed in TVs. Movies that were once in theaters tend to attract viewership of TVs. In other words, when such theater movies are played on TVs, it is possible to attract and retain the attention of a large audience. To a large extent, TV advertising is the most appealing platform for marketing goods and services. In regions where other forms of advertisements (such as billboards, internet, and radio) are not accessible, the TV comes in handy in marketing goods and services.