Illness is considered a biological stressor. In general, biological stressors are defined as some specific types of conditions that make it hard for a person to partake in their normal day-to-day activities. Typically, as opposed to behavioral stressors that include unhealthy habits, biological stressors have to do with the human body itself and illnesses (especially chronic), disabilities, injuries, or biochemical changes. For instance, even a common cold restricts a person from running daily errands.

A body needs time to recover from an illness, which is best accomplished is a person stays in bed, sleeps more than usual, and generally, takes care of themselves. This might mean that he or she would want to take sick leave from work due to the physical discomfort. It is essential to find your own coping mechanisms and figure out what works for your body to fight the disease in the most effective way possible.

A girl have an illness.
Source: https://www.uwhealth.org