There is no secret that, at present, several issues within the work of Quality Assistance could use some improvement. While a number of issues have been admittedly fixed over the past few years, some major concerns remain unresolved. One of these issues concerns the communication process between the QA and the production line. Because of the misconceptions that occur in the process of conversations, some faults are passed unnoticed during audits, which may have drastic results on the safety of passengers and the crew. Therefore, a specific strategy must be developed to address the issue of communication specified above.

According to the recent records, the quality of the communication between the QA and the production line has been reduced due to the inefficiency of the current means of information management. Indeed over the past few months, the efficacy of data transfer has declined, which was triggered by the inefficient communication strategy. Since the information transferred from one department to another is often very dated, it can be assumed that the data storage method should be reconsidered. Besides, it has been noted that the QAs are often unwilling to share the data that they have personally obtained so that no one could claim rewards for the work that has been done by another employee. Therefore, the principle of information sharing should be introduced into the ranks of the QA. Once the organization’s policy will be focused on the efficient use of the acquired information rather than on the process of its acquisition, and the key information is available to every single employee, better services can be provided.

Another issue regarding the QA concerns the quality of the services. Unfortunately, very few employees manage to perfect their skills while working a full day in the organization. Therefore, it will be reasonable to suggest that mandatory in-depth technical training should be provided to every employee.