The first characteristic of full custodial arrest is that it must demonstrate the highest degree of need to promote the legitimate interests of the government. Secondly, the full custodial arrest must demonstrate the fact that the suspect can interfere with the investigations or evade apprehension. The third characteristic of full custodial arrest is implemented if the release of the suspect poses the greatest danger to the rest of the population. In contrast to a stop, full custodial arrest involves severe intrusion into one’s privacy and liberty.

Arrests are referred to as zones, not points because arrests do not take place at particular points. The surrounding and adjacent areas of arrests are of significance to the justice system and may serve as the main indicator of the capacity of the law enforcement teams to successfully push through the case. The term zones are used to denote larger areas and encompass a list of objects, surrounding and the environment of the place of arrest. Furthermore, real events at the time of arrest are captured and constitute the expanded definition of the place of arrest.