Some managers in the General Electric Company are opposing the efforts of Jeffrey Immelt to reduce carbon dioxide emissions because they do not believe that the emissions cause global warming. Since Jeffrey Immelt thinks that carbon dioxide emissions cause global warming, he has vowed to transform the company into a corporate leader in addressing the issue of global warming. As a chairperson, Jeffrey Immelt should call for a general meeting to make resolutions that are binding to all managers and allay fears that limiting carbon dioxide emissions would severely hurt the company.

The issue of opposition should be amicably addressed, as Jeffrey Immelt does not differ significantly with the opposing managers because they all believe that environmental conservation efforts should make economic sense, global warming is not a moral issue, and that economic flow of the company should be constant. Since his beliefs relate to those of other managers who are objecting to his bid to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, he does not need to penalize them for they all advocate for common interests of the company.