The increase in the diagnosis of treatable addictive diseases has made medical practitioners lose the income and revenue they earned from organized medicine. Previously, these practitioners held a critical and profitable role in dealing with addictions, which the psychiatrists and addiction counselors, later, assumed.

A while ago, physicians and psychiatrists made loads of money through their positions in the addiction treatment centers. However, the addiction counselors have, recently, replaced psychiatrists as treatment and medical managers in addiction centers. Hence, psychiatrists and physicians are not able to make much money through their expensive services including inpatient and follow-up services. This has resulted in the loss of vast amounts of money, for physicians and psychiatrists, as addiction counselors have reduced their profits.

Besides, addicts who are not financially endowed can, as well, access addiction treatment services. This is because the addiction counselors offer their services at a much lower price, as compared to physicians and psychiatrists whose services were extremely expensive.