B. The FITT principle helps individuals choose the types of activities that will be most enjoyable for them is the correct answer.


FITT stands for Fitness, Intensity, Time, and Type, which are all essential to exercise planning. Effective personal fitness requires the development of a sound plan, and the principle assists with the formation of a schedule. It may be applied for various purposes, such as flexibility, multiple types of endurance, strength, or general health.

The Components of the FITT principle.
The Components of the FITT principle (The Components of the FITT principle (Source: https://www.verywellfit.com)

The elements of the FITT principle govern regularity, difficulty level, duration, and variety of exercises respectively. FITT principle provides an example of the application of the policy for the formulation of a workout program for various purposes.

The principle can be used by most population categories, including children and professional athletes. Ultimately, B is the correct answer, as it allows people to determine what exercise they enjoy and incorporate it into their personal fitness programs with optimal results.